Bedroom Tour & DIY| Winter Forest Theme

Above: Stag Head: eBay, Wallpaper: Argos, Silver Lanterns: B&Q, Wooden Hearts: B&Q

Inspired by the crisp air and the slight dusting of snow across
the UK landscape, I decided to give my bedroom a major re-vamp. I say major
because the walls of this bedroom used to be dark grey and navy blue (yes a right little man cave it was). So
living within a cave for nearly 18 months and not bearing it
any longer, I was craving white walls with something a little unique. 

Above: Candle: Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle, Jug: B&Q, Lavender: local dried flower shop, Mini Candles: Next

 If you are someone
like me, there’s nothing better than being warm and cosy whilst the weather is disastrous
outside. I often like to light the fire, burn some candles, whilst wrapped in a
blanket watching YouTube videos. This ambiance being something that I wanted to incorporate into my brand new bedroom design. So as you can see from the photos above, I have chosen this gorgeous white and silver birch tree wall paper which reflects a white forest perfectly. The paper itself also has silver glitter gel incorporated throughout which twinkles nicely against any candle light. The silver lanterns have to be my favourite purchase because they look absolutely stunning lit up, and the silver stag head blends quite nicely within my winter forest idea. Whilst it may appear a little ‘grannyish’, I have always loved lavender because I find the scent extremely relaxing. So I have popped some dry lavender into a silver rustic jug which adds to the relaxing atmosphere (and not to mention smells amazing).

Above: Lights: eBay, Letters: eBay, Shelf: B&Q Candles: Next

Now not everyone would have their name (or in this case blog name) lit up in their bedroom, but there is a purpose to this… promise. I plan to start filming more YouTube videos in my bedroom, so I thought that having my Blog and YouTube name lit up in the background would look really cute (what do you reckon’?). You can buy letters like this already lit up, but I decided to use the lights from my waterfall display. So be careful drilling those holes if you decide to do the same!

Above: Mirror; Dunelm

Not only is the big silver mirror a major feature in the room, but it was also key in making the room look a little bigger. As you may tell from my Bedroom DIY| Winter Forest Theme YouTube video, my bedroom isn’t that big, so having the mirror up on the wall has achieved a bigger space whilst looking fabulous. Changing the wall colours from dark grey and royal blue to white and a light purple (around the alcove) has also opened up the room immensely. Not only does my room look a lot bigger, but having white walls is a blogger’s and vlogger’s dream (hello perfect backdrop!).

Above: Cushions: Asda Rug: B&Q Bed Throw: Ikea Silver Crushed Velvet Bed: eBay

When my boyfriend and I sat down to design the room he had one request… not to have any cushions on the bed. Now telling a girl who is literally in love with cushions was a major heartbreak. But was I going to listen? Errr hell no. I bought all of the cushions from Asda and the throw at Ikea for really affordable prices. Not only did I want to tie in the silver and purple, but I also wanted some fur to create a nature/animalistic edge. I would have to say that the bed is probably the best buy because both the mattress and bed came to under £400! Bargain right?

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Don’t forget to watch my Bedroom Tour & DIY Winter Forest Theme video on YouTube.

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Do you like my brand new bedroom design? What would you do?
Much Love
Eltoria x


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