Winter Look Book 2015

 I have to say that filming this years Winter Look Book had to be one of my favourite videos to film; walking through a gorgeous local estate, tossing the autumnal leaves up in the air, breathing in the fresh and crispy air, spinning around in my new favourite tartan scarf and stopping off for a hot chocolate and scone in my favourite tea room… yes with all the toppings may I add. This year I have been absolutely obsessed with a number of autumnal and wintry colours; khaki greens, beiges, burgundies and mustard colours, I’m telling you, I absolutely live for this time of year. I have also developed a new love for foxes and owls, so most of my accessories in this years video is inspired by the very creatures themselves. As I do not want to give too much away in this post (sorry you will have to check out my Winter Look Book video to see all of the outfits) I have listed where I got each outfit from down below. But nevertheless, here are a few fun shots from my day of filming. I hope you guys enjoy the video too!

Outfit 1 (in video)

 Faux Fur Collared Coat- New Look

Shoes- New Look

 Outfit 2 (in video)

Top- New Look 

Scarf- Top Shop

Shoes- ASOS

Bobble Hat- New Look

Fox Gloves- Primark

Watch– Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes

Rings- Owl ring (from abroad sorry) others from Primark

                                           Outfit 3 (in video)

Top- New Look 

Skirt- Miss Selfridge

Shoes- New Look

Gillet- Romwe

Necklace- New Look

Watch- Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes

                                          Outfit 4 (in video)

Top- New Look 

Skirt- New Look

Shoes- New Look

Gillet- New Look

Necklace- Primark

Watch- Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes

Ring- turtle ring (got from abroad sorry)

                                                               Outfit 5 (in video)

 Faux Fur Collared Coat- New Look (removed collar for outfit)

Scarf- Top Shop

Shoes- New Look

 Outfit 6 (in video)

Top- New Look

Leggings- River Island

Shoes- Top Shop

Watch- Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes

Rings- Primark

  Outfit 7 (in video)

Top- River Island

Shoes- River Island

Bangle: Boohoo

Watch- Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes

Rings- Primark

For this look book I also received these amazing white Superga 2750 Efglu shoes. Now I know that some of you are probably thinking one thing, who are Superga? Superga are essentially the ‘people’s shoes of Italy’ and they offer a wide range of leather shoes for all ages for both genders. What I love about these shoes is that they are a cross between Vans and Converses, and I must mention that they appear a lot more, shall I say, sturdier. I picked the 2750 Efglus because they make the perfect smart-casual choice for the colder season, and I like the fact that they can go with almost any outfit. The shoes themselves have cotton lining and a leather exterior so they are extremely easy to clean (yey).  They also have some other fabulous colours (like rose gold) so be sure to go and check them out. Thank you to the Bath store for having me!

Above: click the thumbnail to watch my Winter Look Book Video. Music credit- Marcel Legane ‘Battle’ 

Have you picked up anything nice for winter yet? 

Much Love

Eltoria x


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