Malkota| Blue Semi- Precious Gemstone Ring

Writing this post is quite special to me and here’s why. Some of you will know that last year I graduated from University and that I took a module called the ‘Entrepreneurship Project’ so that I could take a little break from my strenuous law modules. In that project I wanted to explore the digital world and see it from a young entrepreneurs view (if that makes sense), and what do you know, with a bit exploration this little blog was born and I have never looked back since. In many ways I would say that taking that module changed my life- I was able to find myself again and I could really learn about something that I was really interested in (and as you can imagine it was rather colourful compared to the grey and dingy law books that I was learning from). Not only could I write about beauty, fashion, and about my life, I was able to learn invaluable skills and work with some really amazing people. This module wasn’t something that the uni told me to do, it ended up being my own little project that I was in complete control of. I was able to spread my wings and show off my talents in a non academic way, and this is what Sema Zaghloul has also done.

Sema is the owner of Malkota and she too is taking the Entrepreneurship Project and she my friends is one inspirational lady. Sema grew up in Egypt and was always a massive fan of Arabic and Islamic jewellery designs, and from what you can see throughout the Malkota (click here) jewellery range, this love is executed very well. Sema buys her stock from small local vendors in unprivileged areas of Egypt who work out of small workshops or from their homes. These craftsman use local resources from this third world country to create these pieces, and Sema believes that this is a great way of generating income for these individuals whilst being able to preserve the art of hand made jewellery. And as you can see from this Blue Semi-Precious Gemstone Ring this hand made ring is simply just stunning (talk about hand porn!). This marquise shaped ring is made from many small turquoise/blue semi-precious stones and the gold band is made of copper. This ring is just perfect for Spring and Summer and I have coupled it with some rings/midi rings from Primark. Sema is very kindly giving Eltoria readers a huge 20% off all of her products from her Etsy shop and all you need to use is the code: ELTORIASECRETS20. So do go and check out her range by clicking here.

I guess what I am also trying to say that we need to embrace entrepreneurial development. We still live in a world where a few think that women shouldn’t be entrepreneurial and sticking to these old ways is incredibly damaging. Everyone (and not only women) should be encouraged to embrace their talents and explore their creativity in any way that they wish to. Whilst any discouragement or acts of jealousy should literally be ignored, you can always use those negative remarks to fuel yourself to be even better (a way to turn it into a positive!). As Taylor Swift says ‘haters are gunna hate’.

What piece of jewellery would you buy from Malkota’s range? Click here to discover!

Much Love 

Eltoria x


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