Tips You Need To Know Before Shopping At TK Maxx Bristol

A brand-new shop has arrived in Broadmead Bristol, and it’s huge! After celebrating 24 years in Bristol, TK Maxx has moved from The Galleries to a new shiny red home on Merchant Street in Broadmead. On Thursday 14th June, TK Maxx kindly invited me to their store opening and the place was booming! Queues out of the door at 9 am and even a live local band called The Brass Junkies were there to entertain all day. However, before I jump into my top tips about how to shop TK Maxx, I need state that I had an absolute field day shopping in this new store! I arrived around 9.15 am and stayed there for 3 and a half hours. Crazy ey? My basket was full to the brim with clothing, homeware, jewellery, shoes, and even a few bits and bobs for Joe. With big labels, small prices, and ridiculous possibilities, here are a few of my top tips when it comes to shopping at TK Maxx Broadmead.

Get There Early

If I thought it was busy at 9 am, you should have seen it at lunchtime! Although it was the opening day (which probably explained why it was so busy), my shopping experience was not hindered. I still had space to move around the store and the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. One thing I must say is that I found that everyone seemed to be grabbing the big labels first, so it’s probably best to get there as early as you can if you want first pick as once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Get A Rolling Basket

Trust me, you will need one! Instead of returning to an item to an item that you spotted a while ago, you can easily pop it into your rolling basket to either try on, buy, or to at least have a think about. The rolling baskets have been designed to fit perfectly down the isles so you can rummage through the rails with no bother. There’s nothing worse than going back to find that your favourite top is not there, or even worse, spotting someone else taking it to the checkouts!

Up To 60% Off RRP!

Amongst the purchases that I made, all of them were up to 60% off the RRP! How amazing right? On this shopping trip, I was on the hunt for a few summery dresses which were suitable to wear to events in London. Whilst I was hunting through the rails, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the clothing as nothing appeared damaged nor marked. So, here’s what I managed to pick up:

Reduced to £9.99

£46.00 reduced to £11.99

£38.00 reduced to £12.99

Clearance Section

The clearance sections have some right steals in there! Usually marked with yellow labels, in the past, I have seen things go for as low as 20p! So be sure to take a look through the clearance section when you’re next in TK Maxx.

The Beauty Section Is Incredible

The beauty section in TK Maxx is completely underrated. During my visit, I had a little nose to see what was on offer and there were some really high-end makeup and skincare brands stocked on the shelves. In the past, I’ve actually been known to purchase my perfume, makeup sponges, and hair shampoo and conditioner from TK Maxx, so I couldn’t recommend enough!

Reduced to £5.99

Homeware, Homeware, Homeware!

Until now, I didn’t realise that TK Maxx had a cracking homeware department. Since recently decorating my home (check out my latest Blush Pink Living Room Inspiration post) I have been obsessed with all thing homeware. Located on the top floor, they had everything for the kitchen to the garden, which makes it so much easier if you are shopping for your home on a budget. I picked up this gorgeous copper pan for £24.99 and this silver mirrored frame for £5.99.

Bring a Shoulder Bag

I was extremely thankful that I brought along a shoulder bag to carry my phone, purse, and essentials in. Why? Well, I could use both hands to rummage through the rails of course! I couldn’t recommend a shoulder bag enough when it comes to shopping in TK Maxx. Why not select a new one when you’re next there? They’ve got so many to choose from.

I really do mean it when I say it’s huge

Just look at the size of the place, I look like a little pea stood next to it. I was extremely satisfied with the shop’s new layout and everything was super easy to find. Like I mentioned above, I was able to move around the store comfortably with my rolling basket even during the busy times.

You will walk away with amazing discoveries

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the gems that I managed to pick up on the day. If I paid full RRP I would have spent £191.00 but instead, I only paid £124.89. How crazy is that? I couldn’t recommend shopping in the new TK Maxx Broadmead store in Bristol enough. Be sure to tweet me any amazing finds that you pick up, I’d love to see what you discover.

Are you a TK Maxx fan? Let me know your biggest bargain in the comments below. Much Love, Eltoria x

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