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Periods and PMS tends to be a ‘taboo’ subject but it is a fundamental part of what it means to be a woman, so talking about it really shouldn’t be an embarrassment. Sure, men may not get it (who else used to pull the ‘period’ card to their male teacher at school so that they could leave class to go to the toilet?), but understanding it is so important to our health. So this leads me onto the subject of PMS, what is it? PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome which is a name given to a combination of symptoms that many women suffer from a week or so before their period. I find that PMS isn’t really spoken about and it generally affects 3 out of 4 menstruating women (I just think the name ‘PMS’ sounds worse than it is). There are over 150 different PMS symptoms but let’s talk more about the common ones first.

Bloating, cramps, breast tenderness, fatigue, insomnia, tension, anxiety and irritability are all common symptoms of PMS. I would have to say that I have particularly been suffering with ‘irritability’ which then often triggers off my high functioning anxiety disorder which makes me feel quite anxious. Before I just blamed it on having ‘too much on’ but really I was suffering from PMS. So to alleviate these symptoms I have been trying out Cleanmarine For Women which is a natural remedy to alleviate PMS symptoms. Krill Oil is high in Omega 3 which helps to control cravings and anxiety. The product also contains the following: Soy Isoflavones for easing headaches and cramps, Rosemary Oil for enhancing your mood, Vitamin B which helps the skin, hair and nails (so say goodbye to breakouts before your period) and other variations of Vitamin B (like B1 and 2) which helps in maintaining a healthy heart and energy levels.

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I have now been taking Cleanmarine For Women for 3 weeks and I have seen a huge improvement already, not only do I feel a lot less anxious but I have seen a significant improvement in the health of my nails and skin. It is instructed to take two capsules a day (which are really easy to swallow) and each pack comes with 60 capsules (so around a months worth). Cleanmarine For Women has helped so many women where a staggering 89% would recommend it to a friend or a colleague. Although Krill Oil seems to be the holy saviour when it comes to PMS, here are some other top tips you can do in order to alleviate your symptoms:

1. Invest in a hot water bottle to alleviate cramps

2. Exercise daily, you will feel much better for it

3. Sleep well, sleeping well can help to regulate hunger hormones which can help to leave you more in control of your food choices

4. Pamper yourself, or more importantly take care of yourself (run a hot bath once in a while)

5. Identify food intolerances, this can help to alleviate bloating and discomfort

6. Balance your sugar levels, eat little and often and include protein in each meal

If you are suffering from PMS and are in need of Cleanmarine’s Krill Oil, here is a 20% discount code for you: LESSPMS20. For more tips and advice on periods and PMS, please tune into my YouTube channel at 6pm tonight by clicking here.

What would your top tips be? Do you suffer from PMS?

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