Cohorted Beauty Box July| HD Brows NARS, Lord & Berry, James Read

Now ladies it is that time of the month… no, not that ‘time of the month’, but instead the arrival of July’s Cohorted Beauty Box! As mentioned in my previous Cohorted blog post (sorry for repeating myself) but if you have never heard of Cohorted before they kind of remind me of the beauty version of ASOS, so you are able to discover new products whist in the comfort of your own home. If you are too someone who loves a monthly beauty treat (but tends to stick with ‘what they know’) a monthly Cohorted box is the perfect way to discover new products at a huge discounted rate (I think my last box saved me £50.00!) Without a monthly Cohorted box, I hand on heart wouldn’t of discovered half of the products that I have now come to love. So let’s take a peek into what we have this month!

If you have followed this blog for a while you will know that I am a massive HD Brow fan, so to receive an HD Eyebrow Palette certainly gave a promising start to July. For me, having a good set of eyebrows is key. Not only are they important when it comes to framing your face, but they just make you look, I don’t know polished? The palette includes different shades of powders (dark blonde, medium brown, highlighter, carbon, wax) and an applicator. You firstly use your chosen eyebrow colour and brush it through your eyebrows using the applicator (for more of a dramatic look, mix the wax with the brow powder to create a stronger look). Then use the carbon-black definer along the lash line for a defined eye liner, and the highlighter under the brows to enhance the brow bone. 

Not only do Cohorted pick the most fabulous products, they are also on trend! If you are reluctant to pop on a pair of shorts in fear that your legs look a little pale, pop on some of this James Read Instant Bronzing Spray and you will be good to go in a jiffy. What I love about this tan is that it has a 360 degree nozzle which helps to get to those areas that are a problem to get to (back, shoulders… you got it). This tan develops within 3-5 hours and also smells delicious (not that nasty old spicy food pong).

It wouldn’t be a Cohorted box without some lip products would it? I received this NARS Paimpol Velvet Matte Pencil and I must admit that it isn’t a colour that I would usually go for. However swatching it on my hand and trying it out on my lips, I really think it suits the hashtag #SummerVibes. I also received Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Smart Blue and again, it is a brand or colour that I haven’t tried before. I must stress that this eyeliner looks awesome against a smokey- it really does add that perfect sultry touch.

Eyebrows, tan and makeup? Cohorted know me pretty damn well! If you are interested in getting your very own delivered to your door step each month, go and check it out by clicking here.

What would you like to try out in a monthly Cohorted box?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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