Casio Watch Review

This dainty watch brought to you by Casio is an excellent watch for those who would want to add a little splash of ‘retro’ into their lives. This watch is extremely different compared to any other watch on the market- so standing out from the crowd is an absolute guarantee. It’s gorgeous stainless steel strap is light yet shiny, offering the easiest adjustment for those that may need it. This watch looks incredible with any outfit for any occasion, so it’s versatility gets a massive A*!

I also give the practicality of this watch 10/10- it’s a good watch for those who are on the go 24/7! It’s digital face is waterproof with added features such as an alarm and a timer. I wore this watch for 10 days before writing this review, so I can say with certainty that this is one reliable watch. You can purchase this watch in 7 other colours at £24.00 (13% off!) from the WATCHSHOP. An affordable buy with lots of benefits.

What do you all think?

Much Love 

Eltoria x