My Summer Wedding Outfits| TFNC London, Bon Prix, River Island

Tis the season for a
good ol’ wedding right? This year it seems that I am going to be attending a
few so in true Eltoria fashion, I of course had to get a new outfit for each
one! I can’t be photographed in the same outfit can I? So in this kind of wedding
outfit haul, I will be showing you guys what I have been wearing to weddings
this summer already. If you read my recent South Africa post (click here) you
will know that I was very fortunate enough to attend a wedding in South Africa,
so I had to get an outfit that fitted in nicely with the theme because trust
me, the weddings over there are completely different from those in the UK (and the weather is a lot different too).
So don’t be afraid to day ‘I do’ to a new wedding outfit this year, there’s
nothing like dressing up for a big occasion!

This first dress was
an absolute bargain! After shopping around for a bit at an outlet centre, I fell
completely head over heels for a long silk pink Ghost dress (it was £120.00 discounted from like £200.00),
but I didn’t go for it because it was that kind of dress that you’d probably
only wear once. So after miserably failing at the outlet, I ventured into town
and visited a Debenhams to try my luck. After thinking that I had failed once again,
this long and floaty red dress grabbed my eye at the last minute and I am very
thankful that I did. This TFNC London dress
fitted me like a glove (even in the bust
) but life got even better when I noticed that the zip was a little
broken but could easily be fixed by my mum. So I of course got a further
discount on it and ended up getting this dress for only £20.00– bargain or what.

You are probably
thinking that wearing a long dress to a wedding is kind of unusual unless you
are a bridesmaid however in South Africa, wearing a long dress to a winter
wedding is extremely common (even though
the temperature is still in the mid 20’s
). So that I wouldn’t stick out
like a sore thumb, I decided to get a long dress and I have to say that I loved
how everything came together. Now in an ideal ‘fashion world’ I would’ve worn
my gold Top Shop shoes which I wore in my River Island outfit below however,
wholly for comfort reasons (there was a
fair bit of walking to the forest ceremony
) I decided to wear my trusty
Primark black shoes. I did accessorize this dress with a gold bangle, head
chain and bag which I though went nicely with their gold and bohemian/market
theme. If you want to check out what the wedding looked like, please check
out my YouTube video by clicking here.

All thanks to Bon Prix I was
sent this gorgeous Pastel Haze Shift Dress and doesn’t it look summery? I personally think that this dress is amazing to
wear on a hot summer’s day to a wedding party because it is ever so light and
colourful (it also looks great paired
with some sunglasses
). I also love how versatile this dress is as I have
recently been wearing it on a daily basis with a denim jacket (you guys can check that look out when my
summer clothing haul comes out in a couple of weeks’ time on my YouTube channel
So coupled with some sunglasses and pimped out with some accessories, this dress is certainly a head turner on the dance floor. This dress costs £29.99 but you can check out their other dresses by clicking here.

Now you guys are probably all very familiar with this dress as I have
already written about it in my ‘Outfit of the Day’ post (click here to see that). I wore this to my
boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding and it was a great choice because it ended up
being a really scorching hot day! I personally love how different this RiverIsland Pink and White Scuba Bodycon dress is- it’s sculpting bodycon fit
with a ruffle peplum waist and asymmetric hem really is a summer head turner (and
not to mention extremely different
). Instead of accessorizing this outfit
up in white, I chose to add in a bit of rose gold because I felt that it tied
in nicely with both the pink and white. Whilst I have recently had a huge
obsession for head chains, I have also had the same for arm bracelets as I
think that they offer a fresh and modernized look to any outfit (and it
doesn’t have to be just a dress

What would you wear for a wedding this year? Do you like any of the above? Let me know!

Much Love

Eltoria x


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