HD Brows Review #2

Some of you will remember that a few months a go I started going for HD brow treatments and I instantly loved the results (click here to read that post). Well this post is really just to give you all an updated version on my thoughts and feelings on the treatment itself (I mean opinions do change over the forthcoming months). I would say that my opinions on HD brows have rather grown into an obsession, I honestly feel that I now cannot live without them (I know, I sound rather pathetic) but it’s so true. The last time I got my brows done was just before Christmas and due to work commitments, I unfortunately could not make my next appointment so I had to re-book it for 2 weeks later (which meant I had to go around with bad looking brows for a couple of weeks… not cool). Since not having HD brows for a couple of weeks I have noticed the following: number 1. it is so much more harder to fill in and shape your brows, number 2. Your brows some how look uneven, number 3. they change the dimension of your face, and  number 4. your brows naturally look so much more sparse than normal. I know the problems of all problems! (dramatic emphasis intended).

The image on the left shows my brows after my first ever appointment, and the image on the right shows my brows after my fifth appointment. This time I opted to have my brows a little more thicker and I think you can really tell this in the image on the right.

The image on the left are my eyebrows before my first appointment, and the image on the right are my eyebrows before my fifth appointment. Both sets of eyebrows look a little sparse and if you compare them to the images above, they are a lot thinner and shapeless too. I would say that getting my brows HD’d every 6 weeks is just as important as getting my hair trimmed. I feel like such a pampered pooch!

Now for a little reminder, why do I think HD brows are so good? Rather than just getting a wax or a tweeze, you pretty much get the whole ‘shabang’ namely: tint, wax, tweeze, trim, and threading. Sounds a lot but this is to ensure the ‘HD’ effect. As previously in my last post on HD brows, this treatment is for all; if you hate the look of your eyebrows or want them to look more arched and thicker this can be done in just one sitting. Before you have the treatment you will be asked to take a skin patch test and will be advised to avoid a number of things, for example, the use of fake tan before your appointment as this can turn your brows green! #hulkeyebrows yuk! Most salons change around £30.00 for this treatment and although quite expensive, having celebrity fit eyebrows is enough to add an extra spring in your step (it certainly has for me!)

Have you/or will you get your brows in HD?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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