Exposed Skincare Routine| Troubled & Combination Skin

Also came with a Derm Cloth which helps to exfoliate, prevent blemishes and even out skin tone

Well if there’s one
thing that I know about my skin that is it can be indecisively a right pain in the
backside. As a teenager I used to suffer from the odd
spot now and again on my face however I suffered from terrible ‘backne’ which hindered
my confidence tremendously (to the point
where I wouldn’t have my back on show
). Now hiding my back as you can probably imagine made it slightly worse but the thought of people
seeing it would only add to my embarrassment. There was actually one point in
my later teens where I would wear foundation on a daily basis (on my face of course) and I would come
up in painful clusters of spots. There were also other times where my skin
would feel mega dry to the point where it would get really sore and even more
spots would appear- I honestly couldn’t win. So what’s my current skin feeling at
the moment? Well seeing as it is summer I would say that my skin feels slightly
more oiler which is consequently making my pores along my t-zone much more
congested (I am also getting some very
random spots on my cheeks
). So to treat my very much unwanted invaders, I
have been trying out this acne kit from Exposed Skincare.

I have stressed many
of times on this blog that it is very important to maintain a very well
balanced skin care regime. On a daily basis (usually at night) I like to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and
moisturise- it’s now kind of become a bit of a skin care ritual. So as you can
imagine being sent this gorgeous box of everything, I was extremely excited to
see if it actually works. Now I must just say that I was extremely cautious in
selecting this box because I didn’t want it to be too drying on my skin because
I can still get dry skin between the eyes (so a bit of combination skin). But what I like about these products is that they contain some really good skincare ingredients like Chamomile, sunflower seed oil and glycerine. These ingredients are perfect to treat all types of skin but especially for troubled and combination skin because they help to soothe and hydrate the skin at the same time.

Exposed Microderm Scrub has to be one of the most gentlest
exfoliators that I have ever used.
The texture of it still feels extremely creamy but its exfoliating beads (which I can only describe it as feeling like
sand granules
) kindly de-congests and exfoliates dead skin off from the
face. I would definitely say that this kind of exfoliator is ideal if you have
tremendously sore and aggravated acne because it will not be too harsh
on the skin (it will gently exfoliate away dead skin cells). I have been using this product mainly in the shower (not entirely sure why) for a few weeks now and it has helped to de-congest my t-zone (hooray to no more black heads!). Now you all know that I love a good facemask and having the Exposed Clarifying facemask in my current collection has been a right treat. Now this facemask kind of reminds me of Dark Angels by LUSH if it was a facemask and not a cleanser. It’s charcoal properties helps to exfolitate the skin which will help to prevent the development of new acne pimples and blackheads, whereas, the bentonite and sulfur with help to absorb excess oil and bacteria from the skin. I have been using this facemask for the last 3 weeks, twice a week, and I have to say that my skin looks less shiny and congested (hardly any spots have come up!). You can pick up Exposed Microderm Scrub for £19.80 ($30.95) and Exposed Clarifying Mask for £16.60 ($25.95).

Exposed Facial Cleanser is a perfect product to use once you have taken your makeup off because popping some onto a cotton pad will reveal the hidden secret to clear skin. Just taking your makeup off with some wipes or makeup remover (or in my case Johnson’s Baby Lotion) isn’t enough to make your skin clean. Once you pop some of this cleanser onto a cotton pad and run your skin in circular motions, you will be generally surprised on how much dirt, left over makeup and oil is left on your skin (honestly just try it). This cleanser comes in a kind of thick watery substance which adds hydration into the skin whilst penetrating the pores to control whiteheads and blackheads (what a healthy balance). Jammed packed with green tea, passion flower and salicylic acid, this cleanser is the ultimate remedy for inflamed skin. Exposed Clear Pore Serum on the other hand reminds me of LUSH’s Grease Lightening which is perfect for popping onto spots when they are just coming up. This product contains green tea which is soothing and it helps to penetrate the pores to prevent blackheads and whiteheads. You can use this serum all of the face or just popping it over a spot before you go to bed (which I have been doing). You can pick up Exposed Facial Cleanser for £10.21 ($15.95) and Exposed Clear Pore Serum for £12.76 ($19.95).

Do you have any good acne/troubled skin products that you can recommend? 
Would you try any of the above? 

Much Love

Eltoria x


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