My Modelling Madness and Photography

Modelling Madness and Photography

How to kick start your career in the industry?

The modelling industry is undoubtedly one of the hardest industries to crack. Why? Because everyone wants to be one. Some imagine it to be ‘simple’ yet ‘glamorous’ but I can assure you, it is far from that. Once I was told that I was ‘too fat’- I was 14!

Many of you have asked me ‘how did you get into modelling’? For me it started from the age of 15. I firstly started with a children’s/teens talent agency in London called ‘Little Adults’- where I was fortunate to shoot for clients such as Nickelodeon. However, I have recently joined a new agency in Bristol called ‘Fine Feathers’ where I often receive work. I don’t do it full time as it is a hobby that I happen to have a real passion for. So I hope my following advice helps those who aspire to crack into the modelling industry!

Firstly, you must gather a solid portfolio and learn how to pose- which comes in time and often at a price! There is no point in hiring any photographer- do your research! Most photographers are experienced in weddings and family portraits- not fashion and modelling. Make sure you thoroughly check out their portfolios as copyright to images costs £££’s even ££££’s! So don’t waste your money. It is also important to add ‘individuality’ into your photos by either creating cool concepts and outfits. You can start by practicing your facials and posing at home- practice only makes perfect! For those who live in the Wiltshire/Somerset area ‘Wiltshire Modelling’ is a great photography service having been published in Glamour Magazine (Britain’s no1 fashion magazine), Nuts, Zoo, Entrepreneur Magazine and many online fashion sites such as ASOS. Link to their website is in the sidebar.

Once you have your portfolio together- get networking! You can either do this on social media like Model Mayhem, Facebook and Twitter! It is often common for some photographers to ask you to do ‘trade shoots’ with them- which is a brilliant way to get experience (but please ensure that they are 100% legit). Also try applying to agencies and castings too! It only takes one successful application to get noticed.

Be confident, outgoing and positive- there are A LOT of knock backs. Also love the haters, because they should only make you more determined to continue. Best of luck to you all! Here are some snaps from recent projects which I would like to share with you all. Please do not hesitate to email me any questions at or alternatively, below this post.

Lots of love.

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