How to Go from Damaged to Healthy Hair

 Like so many things in life, beauty comes at a hefty price.
In today’s modern world, women use a variety of hair products and styling tools
to achieve their dream hairstyle. Hair dyes, perms, extensions, relaxers,
curling irons and blow dryers… don’t they sound familiar? Your dream hairstyle
can pave the way to damaging your hair. This is one concern that a lot of women
face today. And yet, none are willing to give that up because it has become embedded
into their hair care routine.

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This does not mean to say that you should give up your quest
for having beautiful hair altogether; however, you need to be aware of how to
restore your hair back into its tip-top shape once it has exhibited signs of

Clarify Your Hair

The products you use on your hair can build up over time.
Even the water you are using, which you think can aid in removing any product
residue, can also contribute build up and mineral deposits. All of these factors combine in stripping away natural
oils that provide a healthy sheen to your locks. To address this issue, a
regular clarifying treatment is a must for your hair to be on its way to
repair. The easiest route to getting there is to invest in a good quality clarifying

You can also try a clarifying treatment made from baking
soda. Add a couple of teaspoons of baking soda to your shampoo. Leave the
mixture on your hair for at least two minutes. Another home made clarifying
recipe you can try is with the use of apple cider vinegar. The mixture consists
of one part vinegar and four parts of water. Pour the mixture into a spray
bottle and spritz onto your hair. Leave the mixture on for about 2-5 minutes
before rinsing with a light conditioner.

A word of warning when using clarifying treatment: adjust
the frequency based on the amount of product you use on your hair regularly.
Monthly or bi-weekly treatment should suffice for damaged hair.

Trim Off Damaged Ends

This is an obvious step if you want to restore damaged hair
and make it healthy again. If you leave off the damaged ends, it could run up
towards the root. A little healthy pruning is essential in maintaining the
health of your hair and preventing the rest of the hair shaft from getting
damaged too.

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If you are not confident about trimming your own hair, you
can always go to a salon and have someone with expert hands to do it for you.

Treat It!

Treating damaged hair is vital in its repair process. There
are two types of treatment recommend when trying to fix damaged hair: hot oil and deep conditioning

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The benefits of hot oil treatment are no secret. It consists
of heating your favourite natural oil and then applying it to hair and scalp.
Once you have applied the hot oil to the hair, cover your hair with a shower
cap and leave it on for at least half an hour. When you are done, simply rinse
hair with cool water.

For extremely damaged hair, a weekly deep conditioning
treatment is recommended. But it is also beneficial even for non-damaged hair
as it serves to prevent havoc and strengthens hair to fight breakage. You need
to be picky when it comes to choosing what type of deep conditioner to use to
suit your hair type.

One final tip: repairing damaged hair and restoring its old
form won’t happen overnight. Hence, stick to your hair care routine. Developing
healthy hair care as a habit is the only way to be on your way to recovering
damaged hair and making it healthy again.

How do you go from damaged to healthy hair? If you have
tips, we’d love to hear them!

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