My Experience Working at LUSH| Pros & Cons

Happy Sunday Y’alllll! I really apologize for my lack of
blogging recently- last week I was suffering from a very bad cold and I was
travelling around London with work (which made me want to move to London even
). Anyway, some of you will remember that a few months ago I posted a
video on how to get a job at LUSH (click here) and since then, that video has
had around 20,000 views (I know madness!). Some of you have also been emailing
me with some of your questions regarding working at LUSH, so I have noted all
of those queries down and thought that I would also share my responses with the
rest of you. I decided to make this video into a Pros and Cons kind of video because
that way you guys can see what I thought was good and bad working at LUSH.
Although I worked in 3 different LUSH stores here in the UK, these experiences
have been collated from each store and these views are purely of my own (thumbs
up for my little disclaimer there
).  If
you are keen to get watching this video then please click here.  

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So if you are too wondering what it was like working at LUSH
this YouTube video will answer the following:

Staff Discount &Training

Christmas Staff Box &Free Spa

Working Hours&  Expectations

And Many More Interesting Pros and

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Overall I really enjoyed my experience working at LUSH and I
believe that it is a very good job to have if you are someone who loves natural
products and of course beauty.  I
personally found that it was particularly a good job to have if you are at
university, in school, or if you are just wanting a part time job (I can’t
exactly comment on the full time career aspect because I didn’t experience it
If you would like to watch my video please do so by clicking here or on the
thumbnail below. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to
contact me at

Will you/have you applied or worked at LUSH?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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