Inspirational Quotes

Truth, giggles and Geordie Shore

There is nothing better when we come across a saying that pretty much sums up a scenario, or even a feeling. When a complex statement or piece of information is explained, I usually ask ‘what would that be in a nutshell?’. I believe quotes and phrases help us to judge and understand situations in life- whether we are feeling low or happy. My favourite quote comes from an unknown author- ‘your mind is a garden, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds’. It reminds me a little of life. Holding back or even feeling unmotivated can metaphorically cause those ‘weeds’ to grow- only you can remove them. Passing exams, starting a new career or even just thinking positively will allow you to flourish in many ways- despite how hard they may be. After all, growing a weed is much more easier than growing a flower. Therefore the easy way may never reflect your actual potential.

Relationship quotes seem to come across as the most favourable. Whether or not they are between friends, family or ex boyfriends/girlfriends- they still come across as effective or even true. Sometimes reading a good quote can even offer great advice too.


Motivational quotes (for me) always have an element of truth in them. They are my favourite genre. My favourite quote comes from Albert Einstein- ‘anyone who has never made a has never tried anything new’. I believe this to be completely true. We are forever being judged on actions which often turn out wrong but after all, isn’t that a part of growing up?

Geordie Shore- they’re quite something!

Phrases used in Geordie Shore never fail to entertain me, so I thought I’d share some with you. Not only do we interpret quotes ‘literally’ but they also make us laugh. Here are some of my favourites! @VickyGShore and @CharlotteGShore.

Here are some others…

Do you have any favourites? Comment and post below some of your suggestions. Enjoy the rest of your week guys!