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Now I know what you are all probably thinking, this post is way unusual and different from what I usually post, but bare with my little chickens, this kind of post really tickled my fancy for a number of reasons. I saw that UK Bathrooms were gathering research on the ‘ultimate spa bathroom’ if money was no object– the latter being the very key cause towards my ultimate excitement. I have always dreamt of a bathroom that had an indulgent bath so that I could enjoy the huge glaciers courtesy of my LUSH bubblebar, with it all being dressed with some twinkling candles which could be hid away from the world with some lavish curtains. Ah what a way to enjoy an enchanted bath. Now I know that this is something that I will probably never get to have in my life (unless I get whipped away to some posh hotel or win the lottery) however it is always calming to think about what it would be like to live like an A-lister (something we’ve all thought about it). So whilst I type this post sat at work, the thought of having a bath like this takes the edge of the rather hectic afternoon I have scheduled. So here’s what I would look for in my ultimate spa bathroom!

Accessories: now as mentioned above, having twinkling candles lit everywhere would send me to relaxation heaven- there’s just something about having lavender burning around me. I also have a thing for iron features on a bath (for example the legs) and big white fluffy towels hanging off from warm rails- ooh how classy. Now with a girl from the new digital age, I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t like a TV directly in front of me whilst I bathe (a girl has to catch up on Gossip Girl and of course in my case, Coronation Street). So I think having those little ‘bath creature comforts’ around me is very essential.  Fireplace: Now from a girl who was bought up in cold farm houses, an open fireplace would be an ultimate dream to have on a cold winters days. Now picture this, you have just walked home from work in the freezing cold (you are also drenched) and all you want to do is defrost your toes and fingertips by warming them up from any source of heat possible (even a candle would suffice at this point). Walking into a grand bathroom with a crackling fire burning away would be the perfect ambiance to your nice hot bath- you could even defrost a little before hand.

A lovely bowl of LUSH bath products is a much! Check out my favourites by clicking here 

Features- as mentioned above, having lavish long curtains to hide yourself away from the world adds that personal touch to any bath room (seeing as a lot of bathrooms just have plain blinds). I am also a sucker for huge beams and massive mirrors- there’s something about adding a bit of modernity to a period room. However, what makes any bathroom stand out from the rest of the crowd is its view and window size, I mean, check out the two top images below- talk about wow. Bath & Shower: Now I love having a
nice deep bath in a cute and dainty tub, but whether I would like a Jacuzzi is
the golden question (I think my boyfriend would dump me if I said no to one).
So for show I would say that I would go for an free standing tub however, for a day to day
use I would hands down choose a Jacuzzi tub- there’s nothing like having a
slight massage on your back from the water jets.

The four pictures above have to be my ultimate bathrooms- especially the two on the left! Get great tips on how to jazz up your bathrooms with the Better Decorating Bible (click here)

What would your ultimate spa bathroom look like?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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