Outfit Of The Day| Autumn Edition

Ahh it’s my favourite season of all time, Autumn. Don’t you just love how the air is so crisp in the mornings and the how the colour of the trees start to look more golden by the day. I honestly live for this season. Not only do I enjoy watching the season change, but I also love swapping out my Summer clothes for something a little more (err shall I say) toasty. This Autumn not only have I been loving the beige and burgundies (as seen in a recent Outfit Of The Day post click here) but I have also been loving khaki green. Not only does khaki green look amazing paired up with anything rose gold, gold or bronze, but doesn’t it also look fabulous against my favourite burgundy lip stick of all time: Hang Up by MAC? I like to think so!

Talking of change, what do you reckon of this brand new Eltoria look? I must say that I was ever so scared to change the look of this blog but I am so glad that I have finally done it (change is good right?). Instead of this blog looking wholly ‘blog like’, I wanted to incorporate the top photo slider to make it feel more like a personal website. I have been blogging for over 2 years now and I’m ever so grateful for all of the support and opportunities that have come my way- so a brand new look is almost like a brand new chapter. I must say a huge thank you to Amalie and Deepak who have done an amazing job in creating this new blog look. You can go and check out their shops by clicking on their names above or by visiting Deepak’s Facebook page by clicking here. 

Boots: River Island £38.00

So in carrying on with this post, during my short visit to London on my birthday weekend (click here to read about that), I managed to find this absolutely amazing coat from New Look. This year I really wanted to find a fur neck lined coat that was beige, and what do you know, I found one for only £50.00 (and I budgeted one for £100.00.. bargain!). I also found this gorgeous Khaki Waisted Tabard Top (£28.00) and these really cute Black Patent Tassel Loafers all from River Island (£28.00). I have seriously been loving River Island recently so I reckon that you all should get your cute butts over there and treat yourselves to something lovely. Overall this outfit is just perfect for a warmer autumn’s day.

What do you think of my recent buys? What have you been loving recently?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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