Winter Skin Be Gone!

If only I could cast a spell for my dry and dull skin to disappear. ‘Winter skin syndrome’ used to be that annual time of year that I loathed, but it’s seriously amazing what a little ‘TLC’ can do. Generally I have ‘combination skin’, where my ‘t-zone’ tends to be oily and my ‘outer face’ a little dry. Due to the crisp air, central heating and a lack in the good old Vitamin D, my face feels like a broken ‘Humpty Dumpty’ with all the cracks to go. ‘Winter skin’ generally will demand a better regime with a slight change in  skin product. So Skin SOS? HIT ME!

Face Mask

Some of you will know that Mask of Magnaminty is one of my favourite face masks to use. However due to the time of year, my face needs something more hydrating. Currently I am using Honey & Oat mask from the Body Shop. This face mask will cleanse, polish and gently moisturise dry and cracked skin. Honey is a natural agent which will help unclog your pores whist adding moisture to the skin. This face mask is perfect for all types of skin so try treating your skin at least twice a week as this will help to improve your complexion.

Looks almost good enough to eat! £10.00


Tangerine, lime and lemon is enough to get my tongue tanging whilst using Neutrogena’s Pore & Daily Scrub! Its exfoliating micro beads help to unclog the pores leaving your skin with a gorgeous mattified look. The sailicylic and citric acid helps to tighten the pores leaving your complexion looking much more smoother. The formula is clinically proven to immediately remover 77% of excess sebum without over-drying the skin (which I have to agree!). I am extremely impressed with this cleanser as it is one that leaves your skin looking radiant and fresh. It was my first time using Neutrogena but I will be purchasing this cleanser again (in Boots) as soon as I run out!

Look at those micro-beads!

On offer at the moment in Boots!- 2 for £5!


Neutrogena ‘Spot Stress Control’ toner is perfect for those who get the odd spot now and again. For me, toning is the most important step in a skin routine as it removes left over make-up and dirt from the skin. Toning immediately after cleansing will help tighten the pores and add vitamins back into the skin. This product is particularly good for anyone who has larger pores or suffers from acne as the green tea and cucumber will help to soothe and replenish the skin. I bought this toner only a week ago where I have already noticed positive results to my skin (its not so congested!). The only critique I have on this product is its smell (it smells too much cucumber for my liking!). I bought this toner on offer with Neutrogena’s Pore & Shine Daily Scrub for just £5.00! So get yours whilst the offer is still on at Boots!

On offer at the moment in Boots!- 2 for £5.00!

Night Moisturiser

To combat my rosy patches I have been using Full of Grace serum bar by LUSH Cosmetics. Rose based products is a perfect way to treat redness to the skin without disturbing your skin’s natural microflora. This product also contains murumuru butter, capuacu butter, portobello mushrooms and calamine powder which all help to add vitamins, hydration and suppleness to your skin- so a perfect remedy for tight skin! I love to apply this serum at night as it allows the ingredients to effectively sink into the skin leaving your face incredibly soft in the morning. I wouldn’t recommend this product as a day cream as I feel it would be too oily, however, you could also use this product under a face-mask which will help the serum to sink into the skin more efficiently. This product really did help with the redness to my skin, so give it a go!


Day Moisturiser

Body Shop’s top selling Vitamin E cream is seriously my heaven in a tub! Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps to neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals which damage collagen and cause dryness to the skin. This moisturiser is light and adsorbing which will leave your skin looking much healthier. I have been using this moisturiser for a number of days now where I can already see a difference (my skin isn’t so red or dry!) I definitely recommend anyone to give this moisturiser a go, it’s affordable yet so effective!


What will you be changing in your skin routine this Winter?

Much Love
Eltoria x

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