I get it, ‘New Year, new you‘, who else cringes at that saying? I do and here’s why. So many people make New Years resolutions and then break them in a matter of days (‘dry January’ is a personal favourite of mine), but doesn’t the whole stigma around the whole ‘resolutions thing’ make it all that easier to break? I mean so many people find it comical don’t they. I see resolutions as a ‘fad’ and not a lifestyle choice. When it comes to fitness you need to be dedicated and be willing to set yourself achievable goals, not quit the gym after January is over. You can easily turn your fitness resolution into a fitness lifestyle and you can do so very easily.

Firstly, purchase yourself an affordable gym outfit (everyone loves to test drive their new gear!). Too many people love their labels and it is no wonder why people get put off exercise purely because the gear is too expensive. There are so many amazing fitness brands out there that stock affordable clothing and the quality of them are just amazing- some better than the high end stuff! So I raided the Womens Gym Wear at New Look to see if I could find any gems. Firstly check out these Black Marble Print Sports Leggingsaren’t they cool? They remind me of my white Physique Apparel fitness leggings and these New Look ones are in fact half the price at only £17.99! What a bargain.

You need a good top to match a snazzy pair of leggings so I went for the Red Mesh Run Cropped Sports Tank Top and Black Reflective Trim Sports Jacket. I personally always go for a bralette but decided to go rogue and went for this loose cropped top which I find much more casual for the gym. As it is now freezing here in the UK, a good jacket is a must and this black jacket is just perfect. Not only is it good to just pop on, it also makes the idyllic running jacket as it keeps you nice and toasted for them morning runs.

So you are all kitted out in your brand new New Look gear, what next? It may be worth sitting down and thinking about a few goals- losing weight, toning up, get stronger? I personally don’t like to compare myself to anyone else so I never keep photos of celebrities to or anyone else, but if it helps to motivate you, definitely do it (but aways remember that everyone is unique). You can do a few simple things to get yourself motivated:

– Set yourself a set time to go to the gym everyday (even set an alarm)

– Get a gym buddy, trust me they seriously motivate you to go

– Educate yourself on a number of exercises before going- you can always check out my Ab Workout Routine and Leg Routine on YouTube

– Don’t be afraid to ask a PT for help, they are there to help you

– Set yourself up with a banging playlist on your phone or iPod

– Talk to other fitness enthusiasts (I find other bloggers so inspirational)

– When you get your exercises mastered, plan your work outs each day. Some gyms actually keep training plans in a file so you can always follow one of them.

What would you pick from the New Look range?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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