Harry Potter World| Halloween Special

I think that Harry Potter World has to be one of the best places that I have ever visited! The place is honestly unreal. I wouldn’t even consider myself to be a huge Harry Potter fan, but the whole creation behind it is simply genius. As said in my Sunday post, I did actually vlog the day but my IPad decided to delete all of the footage (massive sad face with tears). So I am pretty gutted that I can’t upload a video this week! But nevertheless, I was able to recover some of the photos. I booked tickets to Harry Potter World for Beky Lou’s birthday and the day did not disappoint. We went on their Halloween weekend so there were Death Eaters wondering around (scaring us all) and one of the snakes from the films! The whole place is just magical. So without further adieu, here are some snaps from the day (as they say a picture speaks a thousand words):

Have you been to Harry Potter World yet?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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