YouTubers Hit Gravity Force Trampolining Park| Ft Chip Daddy, Becca Lammin, Stephanie Nala, ariamark & Klynch

I had an amazing day at Gravity Force with some other amazing YouTubers, but
first, let me introduce them to you. If you have watched my ‘Boys Do My Makeup’
video, most of you will probably already know Chip Daddy (click here to check
out his channel). Chip is an awesome yet very kind YouTuber who has helped me a lot in the start of my
YouTube venture (so do go and check him out because the boy is a babe!).
Some of you will probably recognise Stephanie Nala from two very popular TV
shows: Xfactor and Britain’s Got Talent. Steph is such a lovely and down to earth girl and it was really lovely getting
to know her (and of course we danced to S Club 7 when it came on haha). Becca
Lammin is such a hilarious and lovely girl and her videos really capture her
personality (you will definitely laugh at her videos). So do make sure you go
and check out Steph (by clicking here) and Becca (by clicking here). After the
photos below were taken, we were later joined by two other YouTubers Aria Mark (click here)-
who impressively speared me into the foam pit and Klynch (click here) who wrestled with by
boyfriend because they both like the UFC (boys will be boys hey). 

you have never heard of Gravity Force in Surrey before, it is a huge
trampolining park where you can pretty much live your childhood dreams- jumping
into a large foam pit, reacting the Dodgeball film, and shooting hoops like Michael
Jordan (need I tempt you more?). It was a lovely day and we bounced on the
trampolines filming for around 6 hours; I was absolutely shattered after it
all! If you interested in booking yourself and your friends for a session please
check out their website at
You will not be disappointed! Anywho, you can check out our Gravity Force
session by watching my YouTube video by clicking here or, by clicking the thumbnail at the
end of this post.

Who do you reckon’ was the best trampolinist? Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love

Eltoria x


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