Clarins Everlasting Foundation

You all know me, usually liquid foundations are a major no no. A few years ago I decided to ditch the liquid foundation for mineral powder because the slightest bit of foundation on my face would lead to a break out. I know I am so unfortunate. So with with a tortuous skin completion which has taken years to get right, the thought of using liquid foundations on my face again was a major gamble. For the last few weeks I have been using Clarins Everlasting Foundation (click here) and I am stunned to say that I have not even had one break out… not even one spot. Although I have not been using this foundation everyday, usually just wearing foundation on a night out would inevitably lead into a 6 day break out. So the results of this foundation have been really pleasing. In combination with both primer and concealer, I would say that this foundation is light enough to not make your skin feel cakey, gloopy, or too greasy. Hallelujah!  

As you can see from my swatches above, 108 Sand is a perfect match for my skin tone. As I have a slight olive tone to my skin (believe it or not), 108 Sand is more suitable due to its yellow tone whereas 107 Beige has more of a pink tone which I love to use under my eyes when I contour. This Sunday I will be uploading a video on contouring so stay tuned to find out why using a different shade to your normal foundation colour is more effective under the eyes. Personally I wouldn’t say that this foundation was wholly matte because it does leave a slight dewey finish on the skin; so overall I would say that there was a happy medium between the two. Overall I found that this foundation was amazing at eliminating blemishes and redness to the skin, but it doesn’t look like you’ve caked yourself in makeup (I’d say a natural veil of healthiness). I would imagine that this foundation would not exactly cover up freckles so it would be a perfect foundation if you want to embrace them. Oh and before I forget, these foundations smell like melons… yummy! Check out my Clarins Everlasting Foundation look below:

I’d say that it helped to create a great Valentines Day Selfie. You can pick up a bottle for just £27.50

Will you be giving Clarins Everlasting Foundation ago?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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