Style of a Student Loan| The Perfect Outfit For Under £50!

So with University and school soon to be out for the Summer, some of your purses may be looking a little less ‘flush’ after taking some time off for revision. But it’s ok, New Look will always be able to sort you out with something. Being an ex student myself, I know how important it is to buy an outfit that can suit more than one occasion (FYI, I still find tactical buys the best). Knowing that most of you guys have Summer Balls, A Level parties, festivals or just a parties in general, I have come up with this easy combo that will be perfect for any occasion.

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This White Premium Lace Panel Dress by New Look is just gorgeous and you can dress it up or down pretty easily. Whether you pair this playsuit with some wellies or killer stilettos, this outfit will still come top in any versatility competition. For this look I was going for more of a casual day style, but I can definitely see myself wearing it with my pink Hunter wellies and floral headband for Glastonbury. Or alternatively some strappy heels for when I next go out for some drinks with the girls. I absolutely love its lace detail and it is probably one of the most comfortable playsuits that I have ever worn.

I currently have an obsession for cat eye sunglasses so it was no surprise that I got these Brown Tortoiseshell Cat Eye Sunglasses. Personally when I go anywhere adventurous (let’s say a festival or a theme park) I would never take a pair of expensive sunglasses with me, so having a pair of affordable yet stylish sunglasses is pretty handy to have. These sunglasses only cost £5.99 so be sure to purchase a good pair of sunglasses from New Look this Summer (you won’t regret it!).

After buying a pair of strappy heels for the UK Blog Awards (post here), I have since been obsessed with all things straps (especially when it comes to shoes). So when I saw these Cream Suedette Ribbon Ghillie Sandals, I didn’t have to think twice about adding them to my purchase list. What I love about these shoes is that you can have them as tight as you like and you can also style them differently. Whether you want a ‘gladiator’ look and tie the straps up your leg, or more of a simple look by tying them around your ankles, the choice is up to you. See, told you that this outfit was going to be versatile!

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Have you seen anything that you like on New Look recently? 

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