Quick & Easy Hair Styles

When you hit the snooze button on your alarm and end up waking up late, there’s nothing worse than having to deal with unruly hair. Even this beauty blogger knows how it feels. Since getting Lily May Hair Extensions and having longer hair, I have been obsessed in watching new quick and easy hair style videos to try out on my new locks. However whilst coming across a lot of new hair styles to try out, I learnt one thing, some aren’t ‘quick’ at all. If you are someone like me, I consider ‘quick’ hairstyles to take 5 minutes or less (alright maybe 10 minutes at a push). So with a lot of research and trialling, I have come up with 4 hairstyles that really do take 5 minutes or less. These hairstyles are totally ideal for work, school and even for occasions that you are in a hurry to attend to (I just love them all). So if you are in the mood to learn a few more hairstyles, be sure to watch my brand new Quick & Easy Hair Styles video.

Hair products from the Batiste range have recently been one of my most used beauty products throughout the whole of 2015. Since being properly introduced to the range back in my Batiste Dry Shampoo post, I have since explored other products in the range; namely their Hold Me Hair Spray and Frizz Tamer Spray. So with the Batiste dry shampoo product being one of my most best ‘go to’ hair products of all time, I have since tried out their Cherry scented dry shampoo which I must add smells amahhzing. In this video I have used the dry shampoo to add a little extra texture into my hair as I had washed my hair the night before. Dry shampoo makes styling so much more easier so do make sure that you pop some into your hair before creating your very glamorous up-do! I used the Hold Me Hair Spray to keep my plaits, twists and buns in place, and I also used the Frizz Tamer Spray on the rest of my hair. They smell amazing and both do not leave your hair feeling greasy or sticky. You can pick these products up from most drug stores/supermarkets.

Have you ever been in two minds about changing the colour of your hair completely? I have many of times. I have had this blonde ombre for almost a year now but I keep looking at grey ombre on Instagram (it just looks so cool). Hair chalk by Hair Chalk Co offer so many different hair colours which would be the envy of many. The best thing about hair chalk is that whilst it has an intensive colour, it is not permanent (it roughly comes out in 4 washes). So whether you opt to have rainbow hair or bright yellow hair, hair chalk will not damage your hair like permanent hair dye does (so you will be able to change the colour of your hair weekly if you wish). You can buy these chalks separately or in a hair chalk set which is ideal if you are wanting the perfect colourful ombre, so do go and check out the Hair Chalk Co site out.

Aren’t these Hipsy hairbands just adorable? Look how gorgeous and cute they look. These hair bands are really perfect for any time for any occasion. Not only are they a pretty accessory but they can play a key part in many hair styles. The two patterns I chose were the Polka Dot Light Pink & White hair band and this Floral Pink and Mint hair band which I think looks so Cath Kidston. Each Hipsy hair band comes with its own adjustable strap which makes it ideal for comfort and stability. I particularly like wearing mine to the gym as its ‘non slip’ characteristic helps to keep your hair off from your face. You can get so many styles, colours and patterns (even your own custom ones) so be sure to check out the Hipsy site for your next hair buy.

Do you have a favourite quick and easy hairstyle?

Much Love 

Eltoria x


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