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If I am completely honest with you all I had never heard of the brand Yves Rocher up until now. So you could say that writing this review was a little risky but you all know me, I love trying anything new when it comes to skin care. My skin has been on a little bit of a roller-coaster journey throughout the years as I have pretty much have had it all; spots, acne, dry skin, you name it, I’ve probably have had it at some point in my life. So keeping up with a good skin care routine is extremely important to me and judging by the amount of skin care products that I have stashed away in my beauty box would quite nicely support this (it’s like owning my own little drug store). Any who, many of you will be wondering as to why I am reviewing a product which has been labelled ‘Wrinkles & Radiance’ because let’s face it, I’m only 22 and I don’t have any wrinkles yet. But trust me there is a very simple explanation behind (what would appear) to be a little crazy and arguably a very irrelevant blog post. Yves Rocher has selected Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum for its exceptional ability to extreme weather conditions and we all know that the weather can do some very damaging things to our skin, for example, acne and dryness. Also called Life Plant, it also goes through an extraction process that ensure beauty efficacy. So how efficient do you reckon these products have been on my skin? 

You can pick up both creams for £10.90 each

Now that I have graduated from university, getting a break out is now (fortunately) a rare occurrence but getting the odd spot or a patch of dryness will always happen now and again. And not to mention that my skin can sometimes look quite dull and patchy from the latter (typical isn’t it). So the reason why I use Yves Rocher’s ‘Wrinkles and Radiance’ is purely for its extremely amazing results, that is, radiant and hydrated skin. Well hydrated skin will help to keep the skin supple which will help to reduce wrinkles from forming as you get older. So this product is not just wholly for people who currently have wrinkles because it will also delay the ‘wrinkle process’ let’s say. Even just using the day and night cream for 10 days I can see a massive difference in texture as it is much less patchy and red. As you can see below, the cream itself looks quite thick but it is not too oily as it goes onto the skin more like a serum (which is perfect under makeup). So with cute packaging with amazing results, you wouldn’t even think that a cream like this would be suitable for someone my age!

Top: Night Cream Bottom: Day Cream

Would you give your skin a little pick me up with these products?

Much Love 

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