100 Things You Should Do Before High School/Secondary School

If you are someone like me, coming home to a series that is
considered to be an ‘easy watch’ is an absolute dream. I always find it incredibly annoying when you find that your favourite TV show isn’t going to be aired for another six months, so it is always nice to find some TV shows that you can become obsessed with all over again. So with Suits and Awkward now not showing until the new year *sob*, I had to find a good replacement. On November 11th Nickelodeon launched their new TV show 100 Things To Do Before High School and I honestly cannot get enough of the show. When I think High School (especially in the USA) I picture High School Musical: the cheerleaders, the football players, the cliques… just everything. CJ (the main character), like me, thinks this too until her brother gives her one major wake up call. Therefore it is CJ’s quest to live life to the full before starting High School. So in spirit of my new favourite TV show, I have come up with my own top 10 things to do before High School/Secondary school. As I am situated in the UK, the things that I mention in this post may be different from schools situated abroad, so be sure to mention a few. I’d love to find out what different schools do abroad!

You can catch the show every Friday at 4.30pm on Nickelodeon. You can watch the trailer by clicking the thumbnail above. 

1. Paint, Paint, Paint- get enough of the stuff because you won’t get a lot of it any more

Reference: http://bit.ly/1YfzHmw

2. Rock those daps because they won’t be cool any more

Reference: http://bit.ly/1YfzPTb

3. Ring the lunch time bell as much as you can, they don’t exist in Secondary School

Reference: http://bit.ly/1YfzSyi

4. The Pritt Stick will no longer be required, so cut out and stick as much as you can.

Reference: http://bit.ly/1YfA0hd

5. Embrace all of the coloured bean bags, especially at Sports Day. They’re just cool.

Reference: http://bit.ly/1YfA9RN

6. Reading books with pictures will no longer become acceptable. Shakespeare will become your friend

Reference: http://bit.ly/1YfAd3W

7. TV time will almost become non existent in High School so beg your teacher as much as your can

Reference: http://bit.ly/1YfAnbD

8. Mufti days will become the next ‘Top Model’ fashion show, so have fun not caring what to wear

Reference: http://bit.ly/1YfAofO

9. Kiss goodbye to the credit stickers, so get as many as you can before leaving

Reference: http://bit.ly/1YfAsfs

10. It’s nothing like Mean Girls so don’t waste time becoming someone you’re not

Reference: http://bit.ly/1YfAvIi

Now for this bit I am going to go a little more into depth. Throughout primary school (and partly through secondary school) I was a keen ballet dancer- we’re talking over 10 years. All I wanted to do was dance. I used to practice my pirouettes in the middle of the living room and use the kitchen chair to master my bar work. I was never able to keep still. Despite moving onto High School/ Secondary School and wanting to experience different things, my main advice is to never give up something that is truly your passion. I carried on with my ballet partly into Secondary School but shortly gave up when I was around 14/15. A lot of people usually give up their long term passions before they start secondary school, and I can tell you one thing, you will soon regret packing it all in. I certainly do. So before you join High School/Secondary make sure you think hard before throwing away your dreams… mine was being a ballet dancer (all I do is eye up the pointe shoes on the Dance Wear Central website).

 What are your top tips to do before High School/Secondary School?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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