LUSH Bath Bombs & Bubble Bars

 There’s nothing like ending the perfect weekend with a roast dinner and a hot bubbly bath; Sundays are most definitely my anticipated days for being lazy and pampered. LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars play a key role in my Sunday routine and here’s why. Whilst most bath products have a hard time in making themselves known in our bath tubs (meaning that they lose scent and smell rather quickly) you sure will know if a LUSH bath product has invaded your waters. Glitter, colour, and popping candy… need I say more? With rainbow water, glaciers for bubbles, and silky soft skin after each and every use, there’s no wonder why LUSH are a leading brand in the bath room department (I mean just look at those colours!). 

 LUSH bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and cream of tartar which explodes into a fizzling dream as soon as it hits the water. You can use a whole bath bomb for one bath or savour it by cutting it into half (the latter may be a good idea if you have slightly sensitive skin). On the other hand, crumbling a bubble bar into your bath water will release the moistening properties of the cocoa butter which will take you to the glaziers and back (trust me the bubbles are huge!). What I like about the bubble bars is that you can often get up to 3 baths or more out of them. If you have sensitive skin and are put off by the garish colours and the strong smells, LUSH actually stock bath products which are suitable for sensitive skin so go and check them out (Dream Time bath melt, Butterball bath bomb, and Creamy Candy are personally my recommendations). So with my mini crash course put to one side, check out the LUSH bath products that I cannot live without:

Secret Garden: This bundle of joy is just perfect for the up and coming Spring months. With Rose Oil, Rose Absolute, and sweet Orange Oil, unlock a bouquet of flower petals into your bath time. This bath bomb is from the new Mother’s Day range and you can get it for £2.95.

A French Kiss: this has to be hands down one of my favourite bubble bars of all time as I just love how relaxed it makes me feel. This bar contains Lavender Oil and Lavender Absolute which is just perfect before bed time. You can pick up this bubble bar for £4.25.
Big Blue: this bath bomb is honestly like going for a spa treatment as it’s ever so rejuvenating on the skin. This bath bath bomb is littered with sea weed and sea salt which will leave your skin feeling soft. I actually made this bath bomb at a recent LUSH event that I went to (I know too cool). You can pick up this bath bomb for £3.35.

Rose Jam: this bubble bar is the mother of one of the most loved limited edition Christmas shower gels of all time… ROSE JAM (ironically). This bubble bar contains rose oil, geranium oil, and shea butter which is just perfect for sore and dry skin (kind of smells like rose water but much better). You can pick up this bubble bar for £3.65.
Brightside: if a satsuma can be a bubble bar this would be it (this bubble bar is really ideal in the summery months). I love how fresh and upbeat this bubble bar makes you feel, and guess what it smells like? I’ll let you figure that one out. With up to four uses, you can pick up this bubble bar for £4.75. It is great value for money.
Twilight: this bath bomb has to be my favourite of all time! With a hint of lavender and ylang ylang, this bath bomb will sure send you to the moon and back. This bath bomb will turn your water white, pink, blue, and purple (and not to forget the twinkle from the agar agar glitter!). You can pick up this bath bomb for £3.35.

Do you have a favourite LUSH bath product? Which one would you buy?

Much Love

Eltoria x 


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