Bare Minerals

Now, I absolutely love Bare Minerals and here’s why. When I was around 15-18 years old I used to wear foundation and boy, didn’t I get spotty. At the time all I wanted to do is put more foundation on to cover up the spots (what a rookie move). Only when I started working with natural products at LUSH did I learn that such way wasn’t the right one (both visually and for the health of my skin). It’s not that I hate foundation, because I will wear it on a night outbut wearing it everyday can dramatically change the health of your skin. My skin, for example, became slightly more blemished and spotty which took 2 years to return back to good health. I have combination skin which means that I am more prone to a oily t-zone, so popping a layer of foundation on top of my pours will consequently block them and cause painful red spots. Oiler skin tends to occur in teenage years but can still continue into later life (like it has for me). So here are the reasons as to why I love Bare Minerals!

A lot of girls feel that they cannot go out in public without their face of make up on, but using Bare Minerals will sure convert you to the ‘bare’ way of living. Bare Minerals is a loose mineral powder which has been heated up naturally to match the colour of your skin. The mineral powder is weightless which allows your pores to breathe and it is less likely that they will clog up too. Most liquid foundations can be extremely oily or incredibly drying if they are in mousse form; but Bare Mineral powder compliments natural oils and PH in the skin. Another unknown fact about some foundations is that they contain petroleum in them which has the same makeup as the petrol you put in your car! What complete and utter madness eh?. However, Bare Mineral powder does not contain petroleum but instead has SPF 15 in it which will protect your skin from the sun and pollution. With a natural luminous finish, this powder will sure make you feel like a ‘new you’.

Top Tip: for better results, buffer the minerals onto your skin so that the heat of your skin can cause the minerals to expand!

So how can you wean yourself off foundation? Well here’s what I did. When I went on holiday (to a sunny country) I didn’t wear make up because I wanted my skin to gain a natural tan. Your skin tends to better in health after a dose of Vitamin D, so wearing any foundation on holiday is a major no go (but still wear your sun lotion). When I returned off from holiday, I embraced my tan and started using Bare Mineral powder to equal out the tone of my skin. After my tan disappeared, I continued to use Bare Minerals and the health of my skin enhanced dramatically. I continued to use bronzers and blushers on top of my Bare Minerals which helped to add colour and style. You can also wean yourself off foundation by merely ‘cutting down’ (this is something that I did initially). You can do this by using less foundation and topping up with Bare Minerals (and hopefully soon you will  converted to the Bare Way).

The results: My skin after my sun ‘weaning’ process

Will you be exchanging your foundation for Bare Minerals any time soon? What are your thoughts?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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