My First Blogger Event!

Ahoy hoy fellow blog readers! Well I had an exciting time at my first ever blogger’s event at Bare Minerals in Bristol (Cabot Circus) last Friday evening! Hosted by the lovely Ashton and her colleague Joseph, we all have a fabrodoodle time (my made up word has yet again crept into another post). We spent the evening trying on Bare Minerals makeup, munching on super gorgeous cupcakes and getting our nails painted at Estee Lauder- a beauty blogger’s heaven right? As you all know that I am a major Bare Mineral/ mineral lover, it was great to be reintroduced and introduced to existing and new products. It is just amazing on how many new friends I have made throughout my blogging journey and it was a pleasure to meet more. We are all soon meeting up for ‘eyeballs & drinks’… don’t ask (but let’s say it’s Bare Minerals related).

Ashton firstly stripped my face bare naked so that we could start from scratch. She showed us the ‘Swirl, Tap, Buff’ technique which helps to add maximum coverage when applying mineral makeup. In the image above, Ashton has used the original SPF 15 foundation (in medium beige) which is fabulously light and airy. Bare Mineral makeup almost reminds me of the airbrush tool Photoshop- it erases impurities and covers blemishes. 

Image Above: Myself and Beky Lou
Left: Beky Lou Centre: Ashton Right: Me
The Gang: Back (starting left) Ashton, Jade from The Style Rawr, Joseph Front (starting left) Beky Lou, Me, A Simple Melody and Maliberry Makeup

Thankyou to Aston for arranging it all and for inviting me, please check out The Style Rawr, Beky Lou, A Simple Melody and Maliberry Makeup, they are all such lovely ladies and their blogs are just fabulous!

Have you been to any events recently? Please share!

Much Love.

Eltoria x