How to Get Blog Views Issue #2

Since you all enjoyed my recent post on Blogging & Writer’s Block, I have decided to do another issue. So today lets talk about blog views. When you first start a blog everyone seems to think that you are going to get hundreds and thousands of blog views instantly, but this thought is far from the truth. What tends to happen is this: you start a blog, publish it on your own Facebook/Twitter page, and you’ll probably get a good couple of hundred views. Usually these views are from your friends and family who take an interest in your blog, you know, have a little snoop on what you’re doing and that. But these views tend to drop off which makes a lot of bloggers quit. Building up blog views takes a lot of time and effort- it just doesn’t happen over night. If it did everyone would be doing it and the name of blogging would become meaningless. Blogging is especially hard if you have a full time job or study, I tend to spend most evenings planning and writing blog posts. I just love it so I don’t really see it as a problem. This post will give you guys my own tips and thoughts on blog views. But the key word I want you to have in your minds is patience.

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Is the 100,000 views a month myth true? I have seen some people say that you can get ‘100,000+ views’ in just one month of blogging, which in my opinion, infuriates me. The only way this can happen is if your social media platforms or blog have a crazy amount of followers. As a newbie, with no social backing, you are all on your own. The only way you can gain 100,000+ views a month as a ‘newbie’ is if one of your blog posts get spammed which makes the views artificial (not real). Whilst this may look fantastic on your own stats, it doesn’t do or look any good to your SEO or analytics (so be careful with it). Another way to get 100,000+ a month is if one of your posts goes viral which of course, is an amazing thing to happen because it can gain followers too.

So what are my own tips in gaining blog views? Keeping your content consistent, regularly updated and unique will always attract new readers. These new readers may be generated from current readers who enjoy your posts or from companies that regularly like to promote your blog too. Another important factor is your image. If you can gain your own unique identity, name, and style this can tremendously help in gaining your views. Back in February I completely changed my blog design and look (see above) which helped a lot. I decided to make my blog more personal which captured my personality, and not to mention, my love for facemasks! I believe that this gave my readers more of an identity and personality to my writing, which perhaps, made the whole experience a lot more real. Another tip is the use of good photos. Blogging is becoming more and more competitive so ensure that your pictures are well focused, placed, and lit. You don’t necessarily need a fancy camera for this but the care for your photos will always show in your blog posts. Finally the obvious one, the use of social media. Social media is a huge part to blogging so keeping your sites up to date is essential. Good content will always lead to sharing and liking- it is true when they say that social media is a powerful tool.

So there we have it guys. I really do hope that you find these tips useful! We all have different ways in doing things so if you have any tips then please comment below. These tips have really helped me throughout my blogging journey and I will be revealing very soon the results ;). So keep an eye out. If you want to contact me, please do not hesitate to drop me an email to as I would love to answer any questions that you may have.

I will be doing more of these posts so let me know what you want issue #3 to be about!
Much Love
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