A summer of colour with a pinch of sophistication and lavish thrown in- Esprit has become one of my favourite fashion cocktails to have this season. With up to date ‘beachy’ trends and a stock full of gorgeous LBD’s, shopping at Esprit will enable you to dress up to date for any occasion and more. What I like about Esprit is its quirkiness, I have become to love brands that stir away from the traditional high street style because after all, who wants to look like everyone else? Whilst Esprit takes on best of both worlds, I personally enjoy finding pieces that I have not been able to find on the high street. Below I have collaborated a number of garments that I particularly like and you can be directed to their website by clicking on the images. Get shopping ladies because I think you’ll like one… two… or even three pieces!


What I mainly love about these dresses is their versatility as I believe that each and every one of these dresses can be either dressed up or dressed down. I particularly like that the first three dresses are pastel colouring because adding a statement necklace or garment can tastefully be added. My favourite dress out of the bunch is the dress centre right (pastel blue with a tie). I believe that this dress is completely unique and reinforces my point that Esprit offers a quirky style that stirs away from the normal high street brand. I would wear this dress to the beach or for a casual lunch, it is utterly gorgeous!


What I hate more than anything about a blazer is when it looks like a tent when worn- blazers and jackets ought to be fitted and flattering not baggy and loose. These blazers are completely gorgeous! The style and shape in each of them are different and they fit each model like a glove. Not only are jackets perfect for work wear they are also great casually. Collaborate a great blazer/jacket with a pair of jeans and wedges and you’ll soon be struttin’ your stuff like Tyra Banks, so go and purchase one girl!


Some of you may already know that I currently have a slight obsession for rose gold and when I saw these watches at Esprit… my hand foraged around to find my debit card. I love that I was able to have a choice in style as some brands only offer one style in rose gold which is usually a ‘hit or miss’ situation. I think these are beautiful (even the silver one situated on the right!)


Oooh la la, sunglasses? Boy I’m happy. Personally I believe that Esprit are currently selling the most affordable (yet stylish) range sunglasses on the market. They are colourful, bright, big, small, round, square… you name it they’ve got it. It is well worth taking a nose.

Do you have favourite piece in mind? Let me know!

Much Love,

Eltoria x


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