Blogging & Writer’s Block Issue #1

I get it all the time, why blogging? Blogging for me is therapeutic and was one of the only things which made my degree a little more exciting. I took an entrepreneurship module at university where I decided to focus on the marketing aspects of social media, and what do you know, I am still here loving every second of it (one of my greatest choices of all time). But what came from blogging was something more than just gaining a degree, traffic, and popularity but it also tested other aspects to my life. In other words, it highlighted the ‘fakery’ and put into perspective all the people and endeavours that I should concentrate my efforts on. But all of that will be revealed in my pre-prepped journey post which will be published one day in the future. However, some people see blogging as a vain thing to do but I struggle to comprehend why. Everyone takes ‘selfies’ these days which could be considered a vain thing to do. But with the whole blogging world being fairly new to the 21st century, any critique of it (for me) is very judgemental. Now, as some of you will know I post fairly regularly. Currently 5 times a week with two of them (usually) containing videos from my YouTube channel. If I were to give any advice towards any of you who are thinking about starting a blog, do not do it if you think that you are going to get free products, gain immediate results, or just start one because a friend has done so. To be a blogger you need to love writing, love about the topics/genres that you want to write whilst being able to post fairly regularly. Blogging really isn’t for everyone, but by all means always be encouraged and inspired to give it a go! It’s ok to be inspired by someone else, but to be pushed and made to feel that you should start one (perhaps out of jealously), isn’t the right way to go about it. You can always tell when someone wants to take it seriously. ♥

Now a ‘writer’s block’ is something that you have to learn to overcome being a blogger. We all scratch our heads from time to time contemplating what our next set of weekly posts are going to contain. But if I am honest with all of you, I so rarely plan. If anything I never panic and thrive off inspiration! The only time when I do plan a blog post is when I receive a product off a PR company- that way I want a good amount of time to use the product and write the review. If you fish around on the internet, instagram and read other blogs you should have no problem in gaining ideas. Also look around you- the world is your oyster bursting with content ideas. Never be afraid to re-create an outfit that you once saw on someone- forage around in charity shops and be inspired to turn a second hand item into your own. Never feel that a blog post is going to make your friends judge you, if it does, then they weren’t your true friends in the first place. ♥

I hope you were all able to take something away from this post. Please comment below your own experiences of blogging and any tips that you may have in overcoming the dreaded ‘writers block’.

Much Love
Eltoria x