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I know this is a cliché but diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend- even more so when they are given to you by someone special. Rocks & Co are an online jeweller who offer more than just a catalogue. For one in their Gemstone Library you can discover fascinating gems and learn more about the meaning behind the stones, and two, you can also discover new stones that you probably have never heard of before (personally I have a new love for the Topaz gem). So you are able to select the right ring depending on the occasion and memory… sounds pretty idyllic me thinks.

I selected this 9K Diamond Gold Ring  and isn’t it just gorgeous? This ring is dainty in size but sits ever so elegantly on the finger. The 13 African diamonds gleam and sparkle in the sunshine and you can most definitely get away with wearing it as a stacker ring to glam up your look (which FYI is my favourite thing to do right now). The Romans thought diamonds were tears of the gods or splinters from falling stars, whilst Hindus believed they were created by lightning striking rocks. Bearing these two interpretations in mind, I really wanted this ring to represent my blogging journey. So here’s my break down:

 ‘Tears of the gods… splinters from falling stars‘- blogging can be tough and I most definitely do get my down days (yep sometimes I even cry). But crying isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After a good cry sometimes I reflect and come to the conclusion that it is only because I am passionate and hungry to make my career a success. Everyone has their down days at work- sometimes a good sob can really make things a lot better. But on the flip side, putting all of the frustrations to one side and channelling the passion can really harvest some amazing successes. So these tears may feel like splinters, but they sure do have a meaning of a star.

‘lightning striking rocks’– things move really quickly in this industry and it sure does feel as though it happens like a bolt of lightening- which is sometimes a good and a bad thing. A lot of my great achievements in blogging have come at a moments notice so… I choose to embrace the lightning *wink emojo*.

Above: click here to check out how I styled this ring

What ring would you choose to represent you?
Much Love
Eltoria x


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