Primark Haul| Spring & Summer 2015

So with the sun shining here in the UK (yes still) all of this hot weather meant a bit of a wardrobe change. Over the Easter and bank holiday weekend, I took a trip to Cabot Circus (Bristol) to do a spot of shopping (when I say spot I should really say splurge). Whenever the sun comes out or when the typical English person books a holiday to somewhere hot, Primark is the first port of call. Not only is Primark really affordable but their clothes are also extremely fashionable and easy to wear (and you don’t mind if something breaks or rips). So with a holiday to South Africa booked and the weather being glorious on this small island, I needed a major style update (especially for work!). So in this Primark Haul Video you will expect to see new casual wear, work clothes, dresses (most priced for only £10 each!), and bits and bobs like sports bras and backless and strapless bras. You can take a little sneak peak on what I bought above.

Click on the thumbnail above to watch my Primark Haul Video

I was most impressed with Primark’s expansion into their Disney and film clothing (from what I remember this range used to be rather limited?). My favourite pieces had to be my new Barbie and Mean Girl top (yes they do a Mean Girl Top!) and the two pairs of jean shorts that I bought. What I love about Primark is that you can find pieces of clothing which are being sold in other shops (like New Look and River Island) for fraction of the price- I swear those jean shorts would have been £28.00 each in another high street store. I was however a little disappointed in their sandal and flip flop range as there wasn’t much choice and I swear that last year’s stock was much better. You can watch my Primark Haul Spring & Summer 2015 edition by clicking here.

Have you bought anything nice in Primark recently?
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