New 7th Heaven Coffee Mocha Mud Facemask| Oily & Combination Skin

A facemask that has coffee in it? I know genius isn’t it. Not only can you have your daily mug of coffee to wake you up in the mornings, but you can now uplift your skin with this extremely rejuvenating coffee facemask by 7th Heaven too. That’s what I like to call a proper ‘Starbucks morning’. Now you all know that I love a good 7th Heaven review: Fudge Sauna, Moisture Miracle Mask, Chocoholic Heaven… I’ve done quite a few I must admit. What I love about them is that they are so good value for money and they are really perfect for any pamper evening (whether you are on your own or with friends). So with my skin being a little temperamental recently due to the pretty drastic weather change here in the UK, I was ever so excited to give my skin a little TLC with this new 7th Heaven Coffee Mocha Mud Facemask.

Before I go into the review you may think one thing, who is 7th Heaven and why are they impersonating Montagne Jeunesse. Well it appears that it isn’t just this Eltoria blog who has been through a little makeover recently. Montagne Jeunesse was established 30 years ago and they needed a name that summed up their fun and loving attitude in addition to their natural herbal roots. Unfortunately for the company all of the cool names they wanted were taken up so they finally agreed with Montagne Jeuness (French for Mountain Youth). Although we have all now come know their iconic face, it was however still the case that no one could say their name correctly (I don’t think that even I can say it correctly). So with a little help from their fans, 7th Heaven was founded. What do you reckon of their new name?

The facemask contains coffee beans which are whipped together with nourishing Macadamia Oil and Kaolin Clay to lightly exfoliate and cleanse the skin. This face mask also helps to minimize the appearance of pores which is perfect if you frequently suffer from blackheads. Recently my skin has gotten a little congested around the t-zone and slightly dry around the edges which I must admit is a pain to treat (hello unruly winter skin). This facemask is perfect for oily/combination skin and it does a good job in making your skin feel ever so clean after use. The texture of the facemask is quite gritty which is great for exfoliation and the smell of it isn’t too much like coffee- actually it is quite hard to explain what it smells like (maybe left over coffee?). Overall this facemask is a great cleanser and I would most definitely use it again. You can pick one up for £1.00 from most drug stores (what a great cheap skin fix!).

What is your favourite 7th Heaven facemask?
Much Love
Eltoria x


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