Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gel

Firstly let’s take a moment to appreciate the cool packaging of this product… I just love how fabulously pink and girly it is. Last year I did a review on Cocoa Brown’s One Hour Fake Tan Mousse, and it was here where I went from a girl who didn’t really wear fake tan, to someone who became obsessed (so thanks for that Marrissa Carter). The Instant Tan Bronzing Gel is an instant tan which comes off in just one wash- so it is perfect for anyone who isn’t really keen on the stuff or is rather nervous to use it. This product is particularly good if you have really pale skin because you are able to build the colour up as little or as much as you want. As someone who has a natural olive tinge to their skin, I like use this product to maintain my bronzed look. Not only do I use it directly on its own, but I also like to use it in combination with another tan (the darker the better is my motto). So let’s see what lays beneath the fabulous pink layer.

With many fake tans smelling like the classic indian food pong, it didn’t really surprise me that this product smelt just as yummy as the One Hour Fake Tan Mousse. So with delicious mangos and strawberries springing to mind, the tan itself is almost as good as a Spanish summer tan (ahh a holiday in a bottle). Unlike the One House Fake Tan Mousse, this product is a non sticky gel which glides beautifully over the body. The product drys ever so quickly and leaves a gorgeous matte airbrushed finish in seconds. It is as instant as instant coffee (excuse my pun). So when I have forgotten to tan for a really big night, or just generally want to paint over my rather pale pins, I can always trust my tube of pink glory to produce some excellent results. You can pick up a tube for just £5.19 and it is available in most drug stores. 

To apply my rather fabulous brown stuff, I have been using this new Deluxe Double Sided Tanning Mitt which is double sided. Not only will your mitt last twice as long, but the gentle application onto your skin will be streak free too. The mitt itself felt a lot thicker than most affordable ones, and it had kind of grippy texture as soon as you popped your hand into it. I also love the fact that the guys at Cocoa Brown sent me a mitt with my own name on it (cute!).

Would you use this product? What tanning products/accessories do you like to use?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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