Ombre Hair #2

Back in September some of you will know that I ombred my hair for the second time, and it went much better than the first. The first time I ombred my hair turned into a disaster; put it this way ombreing your hair, yourself, on old henna’d hair using a box kit really doesn’t bode well. My hair went orange *face palm*. My hairdresser did it for me for the second time and it looked amazing; you can check out those results by clicking here. Because I already had a lot of red tones in my hair, my hairdresser gave me a ‘copper’ ombre (see below) which was a perfect way to lighten my hair. Therefore, this time it meant that I could go lighter (and I plan to go even lighter next time).

Above: the second time I ombre’d my hair; Copper Ombre

Comparing the top to the bottom image, you can see that my ombre this time (far top image) went much lighter. If you wish to know how to ombre your hair yourself, you can check out my easy six steps by clicking here. Nonetheless, if you want to pre prepare your hair for ombre, you must try to strip the colour out of your hair (as this makes life so much easier for your hairdresser). You can do this naturally by using lemon based hair shampoos as lemon is extremely stripping. I always use Rehab by LUSH; it’s lemon properties will strip the colour out and the mint will help to rehabilitate your hair. A perfect shampoo for pre-prepped ombre hair.

Will you be brave enough to ombre your hair any time soon?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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