Zoella Sweet Inspirations Review

When Zoella released her ‘New Beauty Launch’ video, I knew that I had to get a few items to review. There’s just something about this new range that appeals to me, I think it may be the packaging? It just looks so cute and relaxing. So when it came to the morning of the 27th May 2016 I logged onto my MAC and pretty much bought all of the range from Superdrug (all but the Body Fondant, Body Mist and ‘Life Is Sweet’ bag because they were all out of stock). I bought next day delivery, but I was really gutted because the products didn’t arrive until Tuesday (naughty Superdrug). But now I am happy to have them in my life, so here are a few of my honest thoughts on them (I went more into detail in my Zoella Sweet Inspirations Review video on YouTube, here).

‘Your skin will love you a latte’- I just love this pun on the Zoella Bath Latte bottle. Talking about the bottle, how flippin’ cute is it? It looks like a little milk bottle that ought to be left on your porch door step. This shower and bath milk is enriched with sweet almond, cacao and honey which makes it the perfect go to product if your skin is sensitive and thirsty. What impressed me the most was the amount of bubbles it produced… I have never known a bath milk to do this! After getting out of the bath, I then used my Zoella Double Creme Body Lotion which encased my skin in this gorgeous macaroon scent.

You all know me, I love a good bath bomb or a bath fizzler. But is the Zoella Le Fizz Fragrance Bath Fizzer as good as LUSH bath bomb? Unfortunately not. Whilst this fizz bar may not turn your bath water a different colour or create some exquisite popping sounds, it sure does leave the your bath water smelling delicious (like macaroons in fact!). I found that I had to use at least four sections per one bath, but the product did an excellent job in making my bath water feel a lot softer. The Zoella Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salt Granules smell devine- they almost remind me of a dib dab! These are amazing to use in combination with the Zoella Bath Latte and felt as though my skin had taken a trip to the local spa (ooh the Zoella Spa, I like).

Above: Zoella Double Creme Body Lotion & Zoella Sugar Dip

This Zoella Candy Clutch Bag was a must buy, I absolutely love its design and it almost reminds me of my own black and white stripe theme that I have going on over here. Personally I love that you have the option to make the bag as small or as big as you like- making it the perfect makeup or toiletry bag.

Above: click on the thumbnail to check out my Zoella Sweet Inspirations Review 

Have you purchase any of Zoella’s new Sweet Inspirations products? What’s your favourite?
Much Love
Eltoria x


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