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Ok so we’ve had Calvin KleinDiesel, Emporio Armani and Tommy Hilfiger on the Eltoria Blog so who’s up next? With Kylie Jenner absolutely smashing the Puma style, I was extremely excited to finally embrace the Jenner style with a few of my very own items. Puma as a brand has lived under radar over the last few years so it is refreshing to see this fantastic brand back on the scene. Boxers and Briefs is the go to place if you are wanting to look for quality underwear at a competitive price. What I love about Boxer and Brief is that they have size guides and ‘ask a question’ service which makes picking the perfect pair of undies so simple. If that’s not enough for you, use the discount code ‘ELTORIA’ in order to receive 20% off your purchase! So let’s check out what I got from this fabulous site.

First up is this fabulous black and gold set that totally screams ‘Kylie Jenna’. I absolutely love this combination; the Puma Cross-Back Bra and Puma High Waist Short looks ever so ‘hot’ paired together. Both items are made out of soft cotton stretch and have a gold Puma waistband which makes them trendy to wear. I would have to say that this duo is perfect to wear if you are wanting a relaxed yet fashionable look (fyi… these undies are extremely comfortable). 

Personally I believe that Puma undies also make the perfect every day items to wear. Not only are they made out of soft cotton which makes them very comfortable to wear, but they are also practical. This White Racer Back Bra with a pair of Bikini Bottoms (which are available in a set from Boxers and Briefs) are a dream to wear under any piece clothing. Sometimes it is good to know that you have a trusty pair of undies in your drawers!

Which one set is your favourite?

Much Love

Eltoria x

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