HD Eyebrows Review

Only recently have I been getting HD eyebrows and boy do I love them! Although getting your eyebrows tinted and waxed give a good result, I feel that its lasting effect isn’t that great. Rather than lasting 3-5 days, HD eyebrows last up to 5 weeks (what a major difference!). They are also the perfect solution to a better brow shape or to transform over plucked and sparse eyebrows. Yes in just one sitting your brows can significantly change. Now (although this may sound odd) my first tip before getting HD eyebrows is to do your research in the two following ways: number 1 is to choose what style you would like, and most importantly number 2 is to check out your salon’s/stylist’s portfolio. I have seen so many girls pay full price for HD eyebrows and they just look ridiculous; picture slugs for eyebrows or the hook end of a coat hanger. Being displeased will be the least of your problems. If you are from the Bath/Wiltshire area my own personal recommendation would be Escape Beauty Salon who are situated in Calne. Not only do you walk into a friendly and cosy atmosphere, but their staff are highly trained and ever so skilled. I was so chuffed with my new look and was pleasantly surprised at the difference it made to my face (thank you Sara you definitely deserve your Pro-Stylist status!).

Left: before Right: after. As you can see my eyebrows are much more defined and equal

Now what is so good about HD eyebrows? Rather than just getting a wax or a tweeze, you pretty much get the whole ‘shabang’ namely: tint, wax, tweeze, trim, and threading. Sounds a lot but this is to ensure the ‘HD’ effect. As previously mentioned this treatment is for all; if you hate the look of your eyebrows or want them to look more arched and thicker this can be done in just one sitting. Before you have the treatment you will be asked to take a skin patch test and will be advised to avoid a number of things, for example, the use of fake tan before your appointment as this can turn your brows green! #hulkeyebrows yuk! Most salons change around £30.00 for this treatment and although quite expensive, having celebrity fit eyebrows is enough to add an extra spring in your step. Treat yourself to an early Christmas present (winky emoji).

Have you ever had HD eyebrows before? Thinking about getting them?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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