Workout Clothing Haul

Usually I would always be looking at the ‘What’s New’ section on the Top Shop, River Island, Boohoo and all of the other high street brand’s websites, but now I have a huge addiction to something other than tops, skirts, and dresses. Therefore (drum roll please) I would now like to introduce you to another love of mine… FITNESS FASHION! And like any other fashionista, I have laid down some rather strict ground rules when it comes to buying work out clothes, there are: number 1, the bolder and brighter the colour the better number 2, the crazier patterned piece of clothing must always override the plain one and number 3, always have a pair of sunglasses that match (I know call me crazy). You may have already guessed from my recent blog posts and YouTube videos that I am quite into my fitness at the moment, but this is an area that I would really like to develop here over at so please let me know in the comments what you think of that. So with Summer around the corner and those bikini bodies desperately needed, I have created my own Workout Clothing Haul to give you all some motivation (surely if you buy a new pair of gym leggings you’d want to show them off a the gym right?). So check out my video by clicking the thumbnail below, I bet you’ll be browsing for some fitness gear by the end of it!

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Outfit 1: leggings are from Next and top is from LA Gear.
Outfit 2: leggings are from Tesco and Top is from Primark.
Outfit 3: leggings are from Lipsy and top is from Tesco.
Outfit 4: leggings from Nike and pink top is from Nike, blue top from Tesco and orange top from Puma.
Outfit 5: leggings are from Karrimor and so is the long sleeved running top.
Outfit 6: leggings are from Karrimor and top is from Primark

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