My Leg Workout Routine

Summer bodies are made in the Winter? I hate to say it but this is very true (despite us all wanting to have fighting fit bodies in a heart beat). Since graduating from University I have had enough time to schedule in a pretty healthy work out routine and I am loving it. I have always been sporty; from captaining many sports team to giving my hand in other solo sports like horse riding and ballet, working out has always been my addiction. Although I may not play for my local football team any more, participating in my local ‘Boot Camp’ and and joining the gym has sure helped me on my way to achieving that summer dreamt body (but I wish that it wouldn’t take so bloody long). I am not in any way saying that all individuals should have slim and petite bodies, I am rather promoting health and general being as I believe that everyone’s goal ought to be a healthy one. Despite what size you are, having the most simplistic work out routine can significantly enhance your health and all it takes is a little bit of the right attitude. Having a full time job, socialising with friends, seeing family, and spending around 15-20 hours working on this blog, of course I get those days where I simply cannot be bothered, but it’s amazing on how good and energised you really feel after a work out. So put on your gym shoes and grab a towel, an energising leg routine is now on the Eltoria menu!

Above: click on the thumbnail above to check out my leg workout routine!

As you can see from the thumbnail above, I went to gym and filmed myself doing my own leg workout routine. Now a little disclaimer, I am no way a fitness professional nor am I health expert, I would thoroughly advise that you go and see your GP or nutritionist before taking part in any vigorous physical activity. My routine and knowledge about fitness has purely been gained from my PE A-Level and tips that I have picked up from various personal trainers (and boyfriend). The above YouTube video is meant to give you ideas on some basic leg exercises that you can do at home or in the gym. I am planning on doing a little health and fitness series, so please let me know if you liked the video! Abs, bums, and arms are on the agenda so do drop me a comment (below). 

Definitely my favourite fitness saying at the moment!

You can subscribe and also check out my Leg Workout Routine video by clicking here. If you would  also like to check out some posts on healthy eating please visit: Healthy Smoothies (click here), Healthy Snacks (click here), and My Food Diet Diary (click here). Have a happy Sunday everyone!

Do you have a leg workout routine?

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