5 Ways To Take Protein On The Go

Coming up with ideas on how to take protein on the go can be a tricky one, however, there are many ways. Whist I found the sachets inside the The Skinny Shake® Go Pack Tote Mix the easiest way to transport protein on the go, however, findings ways to utilise them in meals and snacks can be a challenge. Anyway not to worry, because I am here to help with my 5 top tips to sort you out.

1. Add to your morning porridge: When you were younger did your mum or dad ever add chocolate powder into your porridge to make you eat it? Yep, thought I triggered a memory. So why not add a sachet/scoop of protein powder into your morning porridge to jazz things up a bit. Not only will it make your breakfast taste ten times better, but it will also make it much more nutritional. Now that’s what I call a good breakfast.

2. Add to a Yoghurt: To avoid the powder curdling with the yoghurt, simply place the protein powder into a bowl and add a small amount of water until a smooth paste forms. Then add the paste into the yoghurt, stir well, add some oats, and bon appetite!

3. Make a protein shake: Making a protein shake is dead easy! Simply add 8 fl oz of liquid (I reccomend water, skimmed milk, almond milk), add one sachet/scoop of protein powder, shake it up, and wallah, you have got yourself one tasty protein drink.

4. Add to your morning coffee: Prepare your morning coffee like you usually do and allow it to cool. Add a sachet/scoop of protein powder, mix well, and then enjoy a flavoured coffee of your choice. Want to know a quick and easy recipe which tastes divine? Why don’t you check out this fabulous Skinny Mocha Expresso Shake.

5. Add it it into your food: there are so many dishes where you can add protein, personally my favourites are brownies, flapjacks, and smoothies.

Which tip are you most likely to try out?

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