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Eeeeek I am totally excited…. I’m off to
South Africa this week! I cannot believe how quickly this has come around but I
am now kind of nervous about the 16 hour flight that I am going to have to
endure (the longest I’ve ever done is only 8 hours!). So to make my trip
a little more bearable, I am taking a number of my own flight essentials that
will (hopefully) make the journey a lot more comfortable. As it is
‘YouTube Sunday’, I have popped all of my essentials into a video as I thought
that it would be a lot more easier than reading from a huge list of items (that would be a very long read). As
I will be away, I am afraid that I will only be posting a blog post this Monday
and then not again until the following week- but I will be uploading my social
media sites regularly with South Africa content (Twitter & Instagram). However
to make it up to you all, when I get back I will be hosting a huge beauty give
away so do make sure you tune in for that. If you do have any of your own tips
and tricks when it comes to travelling, please drop me a comment as I’d love to
hear them!

I’m not sure if this is a common thing but
I really cannot sleep on planes or on public transport, I’m not sure what it is
but as I am flying to Dubai over night, I am ensuring that I am packing my own
blanket, pillow, and some herbal sleeping pills (that’s if the gin and tonic
doesn’t work
). I am also taking a number of beauty essentials so that I can
take off and put on my make up easily, and also like a true digital gal, I am
taking my laptop as I have a million and one blog posts to write (even some South African ones on the way back). But
do give my YouTube video a watch (see
) to check out what else features in my essentials haul (or click here to view).

I must also mention that I am now totally
hooked on the BlogphereMagazine and if you are
someone who is too in love with the whole blogging and vlogging word, this
magazine is indefinitely for you as well. What I loved about this magazine is
that it contains a whole bunch of stuff, from tips on how to become a
professional blogger to beating anorexia through blogging, I have also
discovered new favourite bloggers and vloggers like Emtalks just to name one.
The magazine I have is Issue 6 and it also features Marcus Butler- so make sure
you grab a copy to get the gossip on his YouTube journey and low-down on his
trolling experience. You can grab a copy nationally  in WHSmith and internationally via

Are you going away this Summer? What would your flight essentials be? Check out my video by clicking here and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any South Africa videos!

Much Love

Eltoria x


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