Zoella Beauty Review

What’s the most talked about beauty range on the blogger scene? You guessed it, of course it’s the range by the beauty herself, Zoella! What makes these products extra admirable is that they were designed and executed by such a stunning young lady with a huge fan base stemming from all over the world. It’s so refreshing that someone can do extremely well and deservingly be highly recognised for it; two Teen Choice Awards says it all really. High five to you Zoe. After a sell out in just 7 hours, I most definitely had to give these two beauties a go (no questions asked and just a debit card to hand). If I had to sum up these products in just one sentence it would be ‘candy floss for the bath; sweet, succulent, and so full of sugar.’ Who wouldn’t want to jump into a bath full of pink candy floss?  

As an ex employee at LUSH Cosmetics, these products sure do remind me of the Christmas bathbomb ‘So White’. ‘So White’ has the most sweet and refreshing apple scent which becomes ever so addictive to the nose (quite literally… and I’m not even joking). I even kept one in my car as an air freshener (genius). With an abundance of pastel hues, the wrapping is simply gorgeous. The paper on Fizz Bar is that good, I almost want to unwrap it carefully so that I can wrap one of my sister’s Christmas presents with it (my inner Green Hero would be proud). If you want glaziers of bubbles and fizzing aromas of strawberry, vanilla, jasmine, and violet; you are in for one indulgent bath my friend.

Want to try too? You can buy the range at Superdrug or at feelunique.com

So with Zoella getting my seal of approval, I am very much looking forward to trying out her other products. It’s exciting to see what’s around the corner Zoe but I sure can predict that it’s a bright one (and for you too Joe) (smiley emoji).

Have you tried the new Zoella Beauty range yet?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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