Boys Do My Makeup

Well this is a bit of a collaboration treat for you all! I got the privilege to film with Chip Daddy and Ed Jones who made it into the finals on this years Britain’s Got Talent with his dance group Cartel. You will definitely remember their semi final performance if you go ahead and refresh your memories on YouTube (their performance is just genius!). Chip also does some rather amazing parody’s and collaborations with other YouTubers (including the amazing Joe Sugg) so be sure to check them both out. So this video pretty much confirmed that boys do not know anything about makeup, and their choice brush and product is questionable (I think Chip referred to mascara as ‘eyescara’). Too funny. Please link, like, and subscribe, and I really hope you enjoy your Sunday treat!

Check out Chip’s channel at:

Check out Ed’s channel at:

We also filmed more videos on both Chip’s and Ed’s channels so go ahead and check them out! (YouTuber Whisperers & Ed & Chip Dance Off). You can also check out my YouTube channel by clicking here.

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