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If there’s one thing that I know about The Library Of Fragrance is that they have really done their research. In the last few months, I have been participating in a number of surveys and questionnaires which targeted towards making the perfect perfume. What I love about this company is their uniqueness, although at first I was a little sceptical on the initial idea. Nowadays, purchasing commercialised perfumes seems to be the norm, but if anything, it doesn’t necessarily make your perfume personal to you. My scepticism initially came from the idea of wearing a perfume that smelt like everyday things, for example: caramel, champagne, and even strawberry ice cream! It just didn’t seem right to me. However I chose to try Cherry Blossom and I absolutely loved it! If anything, it has made me want to try more of the range. I feel a sense of excitement and curiosity when I look on their website, they have every possible scent going even baby powder, fresh linen, pizza, a fire place, fresh hay, gin and tonic, clean skin (whatever that is meant to smell like). There really is a library for fragrances. Here are some that are on my wishlist:

Who doesn’t like the smell of Play-Doh? (refraining from doing a sticky out tongue face). Even if none of these suit you, there is an option on the website to make your own! Sometimes I like to use my Cherry Blossom as a room fragrance too; there’s so much more to them than wearing them just as a perfume. You can pick up a bottle for just £15.00! I must say this with absolute honesty, this product is currently my most pleasantly surprised product that I have ever tried.

Which fragrance would you go for?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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