V05 Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Hey y’all, hope you all have a lovely weekend! Since holidaying and dying my hair, you all know that I have been looking for products that can add a bit of life back into my hair. I have recently been using Garnier Hydration Hair Mask and have really liked it- it wasn’t too heavy leaving my hair looking bouncy and nourished. Since having used V05 products before, namely the Heat Protection Spray and Tame and Shine Spray, I have been really impressed with the products. I feel that V05 products do exactly what they say on the package whilst being extremely affordable. Picking up the ‘Hot Oil’ pre intensive shampoo treatment was (admittedly) a bit of an impulse buy. It was there and hot oils are something that I have never used before (I know what beauty blogger hasn’t used them). This treatment has been designed for those who wish to use heat appliances, brush their hair frequently and change their hair colour now and again. The oils help to counteract the damage by providing a UV filter for coloured hair and penetrating oil into the cuticle  reducing breakage by 60%! Check out the steps below as to how you can use this product effectively.

Directions for use:
♥ Place the unopened tube directly in the bath (with you) or pop it into a cup of hot water.
♥ Wet you hair, (and before shampooing) massage the oil into your hair and leave on for a minute or two.
♥ Rinse hair, scalp and skin thoroughly. Shampoo as normal. Use Argan Oil based shampoos for greater results.
♥ Use weekly or twice if need be.

This product left my hair looking silky and smooth. I however believe that this product is more effective if you use it twice, rather than, once a week. But then again everyone’s hair is different. What I particularly like about this product is its ingredients- the Keratin, Biotin and Wheat Protein helped to add strength to my thirsty ends. Overall, I rate this product 7.5/10.

Do you have any products you recommend for dry and damaged hair?

Much Love,

Eltoria x