• Wednesday, 22 July 2015

    BooHoo Petite Sara Cut Away Neckline Skater Dress & The Glow Brand

    Now I have been looking for a bright electric blue dress for months and as you can probably all imagine, I did the ‘happy dance’ when I actually found one on Boohoo for just £20.00 (click here). For months I have been disheartened by Miss Guided’s flush collection of electric blue dresses but only to find that every time they did not have any in my size, and just to crush many more hearts, they had no sizes whatsoever *sob*.  Now I really meant what I said in my Summer Lookbook post (click here) Boohoo really ought to win an Oscar for being the most versatile and well stocked brand because their range has really been on point this summer. And to make things even more tempting, I ordered this dress just before 5pm on the Tuesday afternoon and it arrived by 9am the next day (just in time for my sister’s graduation which started at 12pm that day… I know what a risky game to play). Also, it only cost £1.99 for next day delivery *insert shocked emoji here*. So with that all said, I thought that this dress was perfect for my sister’s graduation because its VIP edge offered sophistication, whilst its bold and beautiful colour made it a right summer head turner.

    As you have probably already observed, these orange The Glow Brand Shoes are fabulously striking and clash with this dress in a fun and positive way. Not only are these heels hot enough to trot in, they are also an inspirational and charitable buy. The colour of these shoes (orange) represents the Starfish Greathearts Foundation which is a charity that brings life, hope and opportunity to children who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. AIDS has killed around 30 million people and a further 34 million are living with HIV. This has left a generation of children to grow up without mothers and fathers and the foundation seeks to work from the ground up, facilitating local partners to make a difference in their community. The foundation’s work ranges from crisis intervention (like food parcels), education and training, mentorship, support with income and helping to obtain identity documentation. The Glow Brand have many other colours available and they all represent different charities, so go and take a look by clicking here.

    The shoes themselves are made out of rubbery material and I must admit I have never owned a pair like it. I wasn't sure at first because the box really did smell quite rubbery, but they look amazing to wear. I almost think the material of the shoes makes them look extra punchy however, I must say that wearing them is another story. When you walk in them they squeak really loudly and they almost remind me of the noise that comes from rubbing two balloons together. Despite that being said, they are so comfy to wear and they would definitely be ideal for occasions like a rave, foam or a glow in the dark party (they would be ever so durable as they are waterproof!). The shoes themselves are £106.57 each which I think is a extremely dear however, in a charitable sense, I think they're worth it. 

    I have also been entered into a Wedding Outfit Inspiration competition with Bon Prix and I would be entirely grateful if you could all vote for me by clicking here.

    What do you make of this dress and shoe combo?
    Much Love
    Eltoria x

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    1. I love those shoes so much and you have paired them beautifully with navy! I will order one of those beauties asap.

      I have posted my shoe collection just recently. Do check it out if you find time. :)

      Love Priya

      1. Awh thank you lovely :) I will go and check that out (I love shoes) :) xxx

    2. your outfit is gorgeous, these photos are on point and you're actual goals oh my gosh xx


    3. hı dear great post!!

      wold like to follow each other on GFc G+ and instagram? please let me know on my blog so l can follow back .. thank you kiss


    4. This dress is a stunning colour! It looks great on you, and ever so Summery! xx

      Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

      1. I LOVE this colour so much :) Awh thank you :) xx

    5. BooHoo have some of the nicest pieces!! You look gorgeous:)x

    6. I love Boohoo dresses, this one is lovely x

      1. Thank you :) I just love the colour of it xxx

    7. I love that dress, i need to find a similar one somewhere! You look so good #Goals xx

      will you check out my blog, it would mean the world to me:

      1. Awh thanks so much :) Just checked your blog out and love it! xxx


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