• Wednesday, 11 March 2015

    Batiste Dry Shampoo

    When you've overslept, lived it rough at a festival, or simply just cannot be bothered to wash your hair, let's face it, a can of dry shampoo can simply spray away all of your hair troubles. Not only do I use dry shampoo in a time of hair desperado, they are also a great product to use when trying to style your hair (especially when you've just washed it). Dry shampoos have also helped me to reduce the amount of times that I wash my hair in a week as I have now gone from every two days to every three days. It is no secret that reducing the amount of times that you wash your hair in a week is much more healthier as the natural oils help to keep the hair cuticle much more stronger and glossy (and not to mention it is so much more better for the environment). Whilst dry shampoos are for all, they are particularly good if you suffer from very oily hair as they help to prohibit one major beauty 'no no' that is, washing your hair every single day. Not only is washing your hair every single day extremely damaging (a common cause for split ends and frizziness) it will also cause your hair to get greasier a lot quicker. So as you can imagine, I was extremely excited to welcome some Bastiste products into my beauty box! I received Batiste's Care & Vitality and Heavenly Volume dry shampoos and a pot of XXL Plumping Powder.

    Care & Vitality: This product is enriched with amino acids and mandarin oil which will make your hair feel mighty hydrated and strong. I particularly like to use this dry shampoo when my hair is styled down because it smells like lilies and it doesn't have a heavy finish. I would definitely recommend this dry shampoo if you have fine hair or a sensitive scalp because it is sulphate free. Overall this product is the perfect day or festival shampoo and you can pick it up for £3.99 from any drug store or supermarket.

    Heavenly Volume: Va va va voom! A little bit of a lift here, a little bit of a lift there, yep this dry shampoo offers Hollywood volume. The finish on this shampoo is simply stunning, it is divine to touch and it offers a gorgeous natural bounce. I love to to use this shampoo when I want to add volume to a hair style: top buns, ponytails, loose curls, anything. You can pick up thus shampoo for £3.99 at any drug store or supermarket.

    XXL Plumping Powder: Want to make a bold statement with your hair? All you have to do is sprinkle some of this magic dust and you're good to go. We all know that keeping hair big isn't always that easy, but this ultra light powder is perfect for straight, fine, or slippery hair that doesn't hold its style. I love to use this product when I wear my hair down in loose curls because it just adds extra shape to the style. You can pick up this Hollywood product for the bargain price of £3.99 at any drug store or supermarket.
    Above: Just spray onto dry hair
    Which one will you be picking up next time you're at the shops?
    Much Love 
    Eltoria x


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    1. Your blog is amazing! I do really like it! I know how much time it requires, but you did a really good job! Keep doing it!) I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!

      Diana Cloudlet

      1. Awh thank you :) yes it takes forever haha x

    2. I wish my hair got along with dry shampoo, but it just ends up looking greasier and feels gross! I prefer baby powder, and you need much less :)

      Caked To The Nines

      1. Oh really? Have you tried LUSH's No Drought? x

      2. I love that one! It's so light and easy to layer - you can use it two days in a row, unlike the batiste ones.

        Much love,
        Emily from www.peroxidefox.com

    3. I swear by dry shampoo but I find that Batiste dry shampoo always leaves me with powdery residue, and looking slightly like I'm going grey.. I guess it wouldn't be too bad on lighter hair. I've started using Colab and much prefer it. I like the sound of the plumping powder though. x

      Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

      1. Have your tried blending it in with a hair brush? I find that it helps loads :) x

    4. Yess, dry shampoo can be a lifesaver! Great post. xx S&R

    5. Great post!


    6. I use Batiste dry shampoo and it is magnificent! :D

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    8. Hey dear I just love your blogs! They are always fabulous. I would love to try this Batiste dry shampoo. Currently I am using alterna shampoo and love its results. But I think the dry shampoo is also good for hair.


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