• Wednesday, 2 July 2014

    Dove v Garnier: Gradual Tan

    It's that time of year where the English sun only lasts for 2 weeks and our tanned bodies are put out to pasture. Sad face. But there's nothing more satisfying when you are able to maintain a tan for longer. Throughout my holiday I was admittedly using Garnier's Summer Body and Dove's Summer Glow to hide the little patch of sunburn on my stomach. But such use led me to question... which one is better to maintain my tan? As after all, I wasn't going to stay tanned forever (unfortunately). I purchased Garnier's Summer Body moisturising lotion in 'deep sun-kissed look' which contains extracts of apricot in it. The smell of it is surprising as it doesn't smell like Indian food or BO, but rather like a 'sex on the beach' cocktail or apricots (surprisingly). Dove's Summer Glow on the other hand smells a little more 'zesty' and fresh whilst containing additional soft shimmer particles. I bought this product in 'normal to dark skin' because my skin was already tanned. Both products contain natural skin ingredients and natural essential oils to help hydrate and improve skin condition. It must be noted that such gradual tan moisturisers do not as as sun cream, so do not apply it thinking that it will!
    Right Image: left leg Dove, right leg Garnier
    Advise for Application: Instead of using your hands I would use a mit as this will help to achieve an even look. Apply to the areas that you would like tan, where its tanning agents will then build a natural looking tan after each application. As you can see in the image above there is no difference in colour. The only difference between them is price and the debris particles that are left on your leg after using Dove's Summer Glow (so you'll have to jump in the shower after). You can pick up Garnier's Summer Body from Boots for £5.10 (currently on offer) or Dove's Summer Glow for £4.99. For me, I would have to say that Garnier's Summer Body is my winner (only because I'm not left with shimmer particles over my body in the morning!).

    Will you be using these products to help maintain a tan?

    Much Love
    Eltoria x



    1. Love the Garnier one! I use the fair shade for my arms and chest and the deeper one for my legs :) x

    2. I'm not a fan of the Dove gradual tan, it left a weird texture on my skin. I will definitely give the Garnier one a try though, I was looking for an alternative! xx


    3. Garnier is definitely more smoother and lighter to apply! xx

    4. I've used the Garnier so many times, but never repurchased the Dove one. I think the colour of the dove one is much less natural in comparison to Garnier.

      Kathleen @ Made In The 1990's.

    5. i really love the dove one, but only because in Spain they sell it without the shimmer, I think I couldn't stand being all shiny and shimmery after using it!
      great post xx

    6. I'm always on the look out for a self tan since I'm as pale as a ghost! Definitely going to give these a try, though I think I'll like the dove one more as I personally don't like shimmer on me! Thank you for all of the tips etc! :)

      Both tans look lovely on you though, they look very natural! :)

      Hazel Jane x

    7. I haven't tried either one, I'm going to try the Suave Visible Glow...mainly because I won a free bottle. I just keep forgetting to pick up gloves to apply it. :P


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